Saturday, December 3, 2022

Freedom Photonics delivers >10 watts amplification at 1550nm

Freedom Photonics announced its "aura" single mode diode laser amplifier achieved >10 watts optical power amplification at 1550nm with nearly perfect beam quality.

Dr. Jenna Campbell, Director of High Power Laser Engineering at Freedom Photonics, gave an invited paper at the 2022 International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC) stating, “Freedom Photonics’ 1550 nm aura diode laser amplifier has achieved an output power of over 10 Watts (pulsed) with nearly diffraction-limited beam quality.” This result doubles the previous milestone announced in January. Compared to the current industry standard, it represents a roughly two order-of-magnitude increase in the saturation power that can be extracted from a semiconductor optical amplifier and is comparable to the output of many fiber amplifier systems.

Dr. Paul Leisher, VP of Research at Freedom Photonics and ISLC 2022 Program Chair said: "The International Semiconductor Laser Conference is likely the most prestigious conference related to the field of semiconductor lasers and amplifiers. All submitted work undergoes a highly rigorous peer review process, and less than half of the submissions are accepted for oral presentation. Elevation of a contributed presentation to invited status, such as in the case of Dr. Campbell's talk was decided by committee in only a handful of submissions. This is a strong indication of the perceived value and acceptance by the scientific community of the significance of the results achieved by Freedom Photonics."

Dr. Milan Mashanovitch, President of Freedom Photonics noted: “Our auraTM product line is capable of achieving nearly perfect diffraction-limited output at power and brightness levels comparable to fiber laser amplifiers. We strongly believe that the introduction of an all-semiconductor solution for optical power generation and amplification will enable for the first time pushing high power photonics products from the industrial, defense, and aerospace segments into the hands of consumers.”

PsiQuantum claims 50X improvement in run-time efficiency

PsiQuantum, a start-up based in Palo Alto, California, has developed a technique it claims to be 50X more efficient in the run-time efficiency of compiled applications in fault-tolerant quantum computers.

The company says its technique specifically targets algorithms for error-corrected quantum computers, as opposed to non-error-corrected NISQ systems. ‘Active volume compilation’ reduces the time taken to run a given application, through more efficient use of the available hardware. This is achieved by utilizing long-range connections between different regions in the quantum computer. This technique particularly favors photonic quantum computing, where long-range connections can be achieved using conventional optical fiber.

Pete Shadbolt, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of PsiQuantum, said: “This is a very significant achievement by our fault-tolerance team. A 50X improvement means that a quantum application which would have previously taken a month to execute on a future photonic quantum computer, would now run in less than a day.”

Naomi Nickerson, VP Quantum Architecture of PsiQuantum: “This development also has implications given the ability of photonic quantum computers to exploit trade-offs between computing resources and computing runtime. The active volume technique reduces the computational time required and this can be translated into reduced hardware resources using techniques like photonic interleaving. This is also likely to be of practical importance in allowing programs to run in the same time using less hardware. Though the advantages of this approach can be realized with any technology able to connect distant qubits, this is challenging for many of the current approaches, and active volume architectures are particularly suited to photonic qubits connected using optical fiber.”

Ribbon appoints Dan Redington as EVP, Sales AMERICAS

Ribbon Communications has appointed Dan Redington as Executive Vice President of Sales for the Americas region, reporting to Ribbon's Chief Executive Officer and President, Bruce McClelland. Dan will succeed Steven Bruny who will retire in early 2023.

Redington has more than 30 years' experience leading sales and technical professionals and working with fixed and mobile operators. The majority of his career has been with Juniper Networks, where he most recently led the North America Service Provider segment. Prior to Juniper, he led the Customer Team focused on AT&T, one of the largest Service Provider accounts for Juniper.

"Dan joins us from Juniper Networks where he had an enviable record of success growing their Service Provider business, working with some of the world's largest fixed and mobile telecom carriers such as AT&T," said Mr. McClelland. "As we execute on our strategy to position Ribbon as global supplier of IP Networking and Optical Transport solutions, Dan's direct experience in IP Routing and Security, and in building high-performance sales organizations, will benefit us at a global level."