Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Open XR Forum builds membership momentum

Juniper Networks, Sumitomo Electric and Arrcus have joined the Open XR Forum, which aims to advance the deployment of software-configurable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint coherent optical networks utilizing XR optics pluggable transceiver technology.

These new members bring essential expertise and world-class experience in routing, access/edge networks and software to the Open XR ecosystem. Their contributions and participation in the Forum will help drive multi-vendor, interoperable solutions to enable high bandwidth, software-configurable, coherent optics from the core to the edge of the network.

"Juniper is pleased to work with the Open XR Forum members, to advance the development of intelligent coherent pluggables. We are excited to be part of the Open XR vision of transforming network architecture to deliver major advances in performance, cost and network agility to meet the rapidly expanding capacity requirements for cloud, datacenter and 5G traffic," said Brendan Gibbs, SVP Product Management, Juniper Networks.

"Building a robust multi-vendor ecosystem is essential to enable network operators to achieve the substantial savings and increased network capabilities provided by XR optics technology. As critical members of the value chain, these new members mark a significant step forward in the realization of the XR optics network vision," said Dave Welch, Infinera Co-Founder.

Open XR Forum membership is expanding rapidly to cover a wide range of industry participants which currently includes AT&T, BT, Colt, Crown Castle, Infinera, Liberty Global, Lumen Technologies, Telefónica, Verizon, Windstream and ZAYO.

Open XR Forum MSA gets underway

A new Open XR Forum has been established to advance the development of XR optics-enabled products and services, accelerate the adoption of coherent point-to-multipoint network architectures, and drive standardization of networking interfaces to ensure ease of multi-vendor interoperability and an open, multi-source solution ecosystem.The Open XR Forum will function as a multi-source agreement (MSA) working group for XR optics, the industry’s first...

Infinera introduces XR Optics-powered coherent pluggables

Infinera introduced a suite of coherent optical pluggables based on its XR optics technology and designed to seamlessly address point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transport applications from the network edge to the core. Infinera’s new suite of vertically integrated ICE-XR pluggables will support a range of transport rates, including 100G, 400G, and 800G, and utilize industry-standard form factors such as QSFP-28, QSFP-DD, and CFP2 to enable...

OIF releases Common Electrical I/O 5.0 Implementation Agreement

OIF published a new Implementation Agreement (IA) for Common Electrical I/O (CEI) 5.0 specifying the next generation of 112 Gbps electrical interconnects. The IA specifies transmitter, receiver and channel requirements associated with Extra Short Reach (XSR), Medium Reach (MR) and Long Reach (LR) interfaces for multi-chip-module, chip-to-chip, and high-speed backplane applications.

“This IA marks a new generation of specifications for 112G interfaces,” said Klaus-Holger Otto, Nokia and OIF Technical Committee Chair. “It is a continuation of OIF’s proud history of adding next-generation data rates that enable broad interconnect solutions and are critical building blocks for several industry standards and platforms.”

“These new data rate specifications will enable applications including backplane, chip-to-chip, and die-to-die interfaces within a package,” said David Stauffer, Kandou Bus and Chair of OIF’s Physical and Link Layer (PLL) Working Group. “And, it enables multiple applications, such as co-packaged optics. Definitions of interfaces within co-packaged die are unique to this IA and OIF’s work.”

OIF advances 224G CEI

OIF launched four new CEI projects during its recent Q122 Technical and MA&E Committees meeting, which was held virtually in mid-February. These include:CEI-224G-Extra Short Reach (XSR) Common Electrical On-Package Interface Project, CEI-224G-Very Short Reach (VSR) Common Electrical Chip-to-Module Interface Project, CEI-224G-Medium Reach (MR) Common Electrical Chip-to-Chip Interface Project, CEI-224G-Long Reach (LR) Common Electrical...

OIF demos at at #OFC22: 400ZR interoperability; CPO; CEI-112, CMIS

OIF will host the following demonstrations at this year’s OFC 2022 in San Diego, March 8-10, 2022. Industry experts will also present updates on OIF’s current work in many critical areas, including 400ZR/800ZR and electrical rates.400ZR Demo - the first-ever public multivendor 400ZR consists of a full implementation of 400GE across an 80km, DWDM ecosystem using multiple module, router, open line systems, and test equipment vendors, demonstrating...

Marvell joins Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) Consortium

Marvell has joined the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) Consortium as part of its ongoing development of open chiplet interconnect standards. 

Marvell said its contributions to the UCIe standard will leverage the company's advanced chiplet interconnect and packaging experience to help further the consortium's objective of developing open standards that create a more robust ecosystem for inter-operable chiplets.

Marvell's UCIe participation is complementary to the company's existing work in the Open Compute Project (OCP) and Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) which is aimed at the development of open standards-based solutions for connecting single or multi-node 5nm and 3nm chiplets. Through these experiences, Marvell brings advanced domain knowledge and a unique perspective that will help align and optimize global chiplet interconnect standards for a range of leading-edge applications with differing requirements such as CXL, Ethernet and custom low-latency connectivity while fostering chiplet interoperability.

"Marvell has been an industry pioneer in chiplet connectivity and continues to push the envelope of performance optimization for a wide range of multi-chiplet applications in advanced packaging architectures," said Noam Mizrahi, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Fellow at Marvell. "We see the great value in aligning interconnect standards across the industry and look forward to contributing towards that goal as a member of the UCIe consortium."

"UCIe represents the culmination of years of learning and implementation experience with on-package interconnects at a time that is right for industry standardization," said Dr. Debendra Das Sharma, Intel Senior Fellow. "We are excited that Marvell has joined the consortium and is working to develop cloud-optimized multi-die solutions that are compatible with UCIe."

NVIDIA opens its NVLink die-to-die and chip-to-chip

NVIDIA will expand the use of its NVLink chip-to-chip and die-to-die interconnect technology in its GPUs, CPUs, DPUs, NICs and SOCs. The company also plans to open the technolgy to other for for custom chip and chiplet integrations. NVIDIA NVLink-C2C is built on top of NVIDIA’s world-class SERDES and LINK design technology, and it is extensible from PCB-level integrations and multichip modules to silicon interposer and wafer-level connections,...

AWS offers mainframe modernization service

Amazon Web Services introduced a service that makes it faster and easier for customers to modernize mainframe-based workloads by moving them to the cloud. 

AWS Mainframe Modernization can refactor mainframe workloads to run on AWS. Alternatively, customers can keep their applications as written and replatform their workloads to AWS by reusing existing code with minimal changes. A managed runtime environment built into AWS Mainframe Modernization provides the necessary compute, memory, and storage to run both refactored and replatformed applications and helps automate the details of capacity provisioning, security, load balancing, scaling, and application health monitoring. The AWS Mainframe Modernization service also provides the development, testing, and deployment tools necessary to automate the modernization of mainframe applications to run on AWS. There are no upfront costs, and customers only pay for the amount of compute provisioned. 

“Customers often tell us that AWS is the best place to run any type of application because of its unmatched breadth and depth of purpose-built services. However, businesses in a wide variety of industries have relied on mainframes to run business-critical applications for decades. These businesses naturally want to modernize their mainframe-based applications to reduce costs and eliminate technical debt, but they don’t know how or where to get started,” said William Platt, General Manager of Migration Services at AWS.

AWS Mainframe Modernization is generally available today in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and South America (São Paulo) with availability in additional AWS Regions in the coming months.

STACK Infrastructure builds data center capacity in Australia

STACK Infrastructure announced a partnership with Hickory, a leading Australian commercial real estate developer, to develop data center capacity in three Australian markets: Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth. 

STACK Australia is currently constructing a 72MW campus in the high growth hyperscale corridor of Truganina in Melbourne’s western suburbs. The facility is expected to be delivered early in 2023 and will include two 36MW buildings (currently under construction) with separate access points to accommodate multiple users with separation of security and services. In parallel, STACK Australia is expanding into two key emerging hyperscale markets, including a 28MW data center in Hume, Canberra and a 24MW single data center in Wangara, Perth. Both the Canberra and Perth projects have received development approval, and they will each break ground in the third quarter of 2022 with delivery over the second half of 2023.

As part of this partnership, Hickory’s data center management team led by Joel O’Halloran, Michael Gunton, and James Veness will join the STACK global platform.  

“STACK’s expansion into Australia, building on our recent Japan development, exemplifies our focus on establishing a scalable presence in core regional markets that are strategically important to our clients,” said Pithambar (Preet) Gona, STACK’s Chief Executive Officer - APAC. “The partnership with Hickory demonstrates our ability to leverage our partnership model and expertise to the benefit of our customers while attracting leading data center talent regionally to the STACK platform”

STACK Infrastructure plans new 84MW data center in northern Virginia

STACK Infrastructure unveiled plans for a new 84MW data center campus on 34 acres in Prince William County in Northern Virginia. The project will comprise a minimum of two buildings spanning 602,000 square feet. STACK anticipates the data centers will be ready in Q3 of 2023.In the last four months, STACK has announced a total of 300MW of additional capacity planned in Northern Virginia. In aggregate, STACK’s current and under-development...

Dell’Oro: Ethernet Adapter Market Surpasses $1 B in 1Q 2022

The Ethernet controller and adapter market surpassed $1 billion for the first time in 1Q 2022, according to a new report from Dell’Oro Group. Growth was attributed to the adoption of Smart NICs and high-speed ports.

“The Ethernet controller and adapter market was driven by strong Smart NIC and 100 Gbps port shipments,” said Baron Fung, Research Director at Dell’Oro Group. “Furthermore, port average selling prices escalated during the quarter as vendors passed higher supply chain costs on to end-users, adding to topline growth. However, vendors continue to contend with supply chain challenges to meet strong end demand. We anticipate the upcoming server platform refresh and cloud expansion cycle to drive the strong demand for Ethernet adapters,” added Fung.

Additional highlights from the 1Q 2022 Ethernet Adapter and Smart NIC report include:

  • Total Ethernet controller and adapter port shipments grew 2 percent in 1Q 2022.
  • 100 and 200 Gbps ports accounted for 38 percent of the revenue in 1Q 2022 from high-end workloads such as accelerated computing.
  • Smart NICs open vendors such as Marvell, Napatech, and Nvidia accounted for 30 percent of the revenue in 1Q 2022 and gained share over internally developed solutions by the major cloud service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft.

Israel's Partner Communications deploys ADVA's Oscilloquartz

Partner Communications has deployed its Oscilloquartz timing technology to support 5G rollout throughout Israel to deliver the level of accuracy and availability needed for next-generation mobile services and time-sensitive low-latency applications. 

Partner Communications’ new timing infrastructure features the OSA 5440, a fully redundant, scalable, and modular multi-technology grandmaster for core deployment. Operating with the OSA 3230B ePRC cesium clock and OSA clock combiner, it provides an ePRTC system, providing high levels of time stability compliant with the ITU-T G.8272.1 standard. Onboard multi-band, multi-constellation receivers compensate for atmospheric disturbances to filter out timing errors. What’s more, centralized AI-powered GNSS assurance software identifies and protects against vulnerabilities of satellite-based timing. The solution also includes the OSA 5410 Series for continuous probing and assurance, enabling Partner Communications’ team to anticipate any issues and minimize disruption to service. The technology is remotely controlled by ADVA’s Ensemble Controller with Sync Director.

“Upgrading a major nationwide mobile network like ours required the most advanced timing technology and the support of an expert team. That’s why we selected ADVA’s Oscilloquartz synchronization solution built on a core PTP grandmaster clock with full hardware redundancy and a scalable modular design. It offers many fan-out options, including PTP over multiple 10Gbit/s interfaces, and its advanced GNSS technologies ensure highest availability even under challenging conditions,” said Yigal Giladi, VP of engineering at Partner Communications. “With our new timing infrastructure, we can deliver the best possible mobile 5G experience to our customers. Now when GNSS is compromised or otherwise unavailable, ADVA’s ePRTC solution means we can still deliver phenomenally accurate timing across our network even during very long GNSS outages.”

Immuta raises $100 million for its data security

Immuta, a start-up based in Boston, secured $100 million in Series E funding for its platform can automate access to data by discovering, securing, and monitoring data on any cloud service. The new investment brings Immuta’s total financing to date to $267 million.

Led by NightDragon, the funding round also includes new investor Snowflake Ventures, the venture capital arm of the Data Cloud company, as well as participation from existing investors Dell Technologies Capital, DFJ Growth, IAG, Intel Capital, March Capital, StepStone, Ten Eleven Ventures, and Wipro Ventures. This new infusion of capital builds upon Immuta’s record growth in 2021, which included increasing commercial annual recurring revenue (ARR) by more than 100 percent, doubling its customer base, and continuing its global expansion into EMEA and APJ. Immuta will use the investment to accelerate product innovation, expand sales, marketing, and customer success teams to meet growing global demand, and deepen strategic partnerships within the cloud data ecosystem.

“There is a major shift in the modern data stack as organizations scale to derive value from their data more quickly, while also protecting their data assets and adhering to privacy regulations,” said Immuta CEO Matthew Carroll. “We’ve entered the next wave of the cloud data evolution where automation and security are essential to meeting modern cloud and data demands. This new funding will help propel Immuta into our next phase of growth as we continue to revolutionize cloud data access and data security.”

“As the threat landscape continues to escalate and cloud migration continues, we’re seeing increased global interest in the need for secure data access solutions,” said Dave DeWalt, former CEO of FireEye, McAfee, Documentum and now Founder and Managing Director at NightDragon. “Immuta is the clear market leader in providing secure data access, providing data teams with one universal platform to control access to data at scale. Many of the world’s top data-driven organizations – Roche, Mercedes-Benz Group, IAG, and the U.S. Army – rely on Immuta every day to quickly, safely, and efficiently share more data with more users. We’re excited to be making this investment in such a critical part of the modern data stack.”

“With this expanded partnership, enterprise customers can benefit from both Snowflake’s native data policies for data governance and Immuta’s simple, centralized, and comprehensive method for managing and automating data policy within specific workflows,” said Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake SVP of Product. “Together, customers have a solution for more seamless enforcement of data policy, ultimately allowing for more customer value. We look forward to partnering with Immuta through the next stages of its growth.”