Friday, March 31, 2023

CommScope expands fiber production in North Carolina

CommScope announced will invest $47 million to expand its fiber optic cable production in North Carolina. 

CommScope plans to expand its two fiber-optic cable production facilities in North Carolina, one in Catawba and the other in Claremont, by adding lines of production for its HeliARC cable line.

HeliARC is a smaller and lighter-weight cable allowing for faster installation and lower cost of deployment. Its reduced size and weight also lowers shipping costs, permitting more product to move in one shipment, thereby making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

The company said the increased fiber capacity is needed for rural deployments. CommScope’s HeliARC lines are expected to support 500,000 homes per year in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments. 

“We are in the business of connectivity. We strive to provide superior solutions to our customers who, in turn, provide connectivity for businesses, individuals and communities. This increase in fiber-optic cable production is a great step forward for our ‘Broadband for Everyone’ program, furthering our commitment to serve the fiber optic cable market,” stated Chuck Treadway, President & CEO, CommScope. “We will produce more cost-effective and easier-to-deploy fiber-optic cable, add new jobs and simultaneously strengthen the supply chain in America. This is a trifecta we are thrilled to announce, and we are particularly pleased to share this news today in the company of Secretary Raimondo and Governor Cooper.”

Telecom Egypt appoints a new Managing Director & CEO

Telecom Egypt named Eng. Mohamed Nasr Eldin Mohamed Ali as Managing Director and CEO, replacing Eng. Adel Hamed Ibrahim Gadallah, who will assume a new role at Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. However, Eng. Hamed will remain on Telecom Egypt’s board of directors as a non-executive member. 

Eng. Mohamed Nasr Eldin was appointed as a member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in July 2020, representing the government. He joined Telecom Egypt in 2004, eventually becoming Head of the International Cables and Networks Business Unit in 2014. During that period, Eng. Nasr Eldin undertook several initiatives that contributed to maximizing Telecom Egypt's revenues and capitalized on Egypt’s strategic position as a route for international submarine cables.

“The Board appointed Eng. Mohamed Nasr ElDin as the new Managing Director and CEO given his track record and profound ICT experience, including his previous role as Head of Telecom Egypt’s International Cables and Networks Business Unit in 2014. We are confident he is the ideal candidate to take over the helm and maintain Telecom Egypt’s leadership in various areas at the local and international levels, while continuing to drive quality and sustain customer base growth, maximizing our assets and creating value for all our stakeholders and the society at large. We wish him success in his new role. I would also like to thank former Managing Director and CEO Eng. Adel Hamed for his distinguished efforts and successful leadership of the company despite the many challenges we faced in the previous period. I wish him all the best in his new position and future endeavors.”