Monday, May 8, 2023

Windstream Wholesale launches Regional 400G ZR+ service

Windstream Wholesale introduced a  "Regional Rapid Fiber" wavelength service based on 400G ZR+ pluggables.

The service offers point-to-point connections within multiple regional sites across Windstream’s Intelligent Converged Optical Network (ICON).

Connectivity is accessible within approximately 50 regional POPs across Windstream’s ICON network affording customers the following:

  • pre-deployed 400G capacity for rapid turn-up;
  • unique service flexibility, including technical proof of performance options;
  • short-term, event-based 400G options but priced like long-term services;
  • risk-free migration path from 100G to 400G;
  • capacity reservation service, and
  • dual, diverse, economic 400G wave options.

The new Regional Rapid Fiber 400G wave service is slated for network deployment and customer turn-up in early summer 2023.

Windstream Wholesale expects to have over 120 400G POPs by year-end. This extensive, three-year, real-world service experience, combined with trusted engineering and technology expertise, led to an exclusive partnership with II-IV (now Coherent Corp) resulting in the co-development and industry-first launch of 400G powered by ZR+ coherent technology.

“We’ve been in the business of 400G for a while now and have had time to harden our processes and systems,” said Joe Scattareggia, chief revenue officer for Windstream Wholesale. “That amount of experience and gained expertise is really what sets us apart and is also what led to the partnership and co-development of the ZR+ technology. We’ve lowered connectivity risk for our customers who are seeking trusted, coast-to-coast expansion and upgrade to that next generation of 400G, introducing the first flexible regional 400G wave service (Regional Rapid Fiber) which we know is going to be a market disruptor, both in terms of connectivity and customer cost. We will have a big presence at the International Telecoms Week Conference, and our team is still scheduling meetings to talk about this exciting lead offering along with our new fiber builds and more.”

“The aligned goals and priorities of our Service Delivery and Transport Engineering teams enable industry breakthroughs like we’re seeing with 400G,” said Monther Hammoudeh, senior vice president of transport engineering and operations for Windstream. “From aggressive timelines to fast and flexible, custom solutions, we’re not just developing industry-leading technology and products, we’re laser-focused on delivering solutions that create a winning customer experience.”

“Windstream Wholesale was the first partner to deliver 400G wavelength services to us, and ultimately the reason we partner boils down to the people,” said Steven Schecter, senior director, network architecture, Akamai Technologies, Inc. “The technical teams at Windstream are industry-leading, employing the latest technologies at scale. The sales organization is not only hyper-responsive but deeply involved in understanding the needs of our business and providing tailored solutions.”

Windstream achieves 400 Gig Open ZR+ integration

Windstream Wholesale, along with its partners Coherent and Nokia, completed full integration of the 400 Gig, 0 dBm QSFP-DD Pluggable into the generally available Nokia 7250 IXR X1 and 7250 IXR-X3 routers. The integrated solution is ready for full commercial deployment, accelerating Windstream’s ICON and ICON-Edge network strategy. Windstream announced in October 2021 co-development with Coherent (formerly II-VI) of the world’s first high...

Windstream Wholesale launches Managed Spectrum optical transport

 Windstream Wholesale announced nationwide availability of Managed Spectrum, a new network architecture solution that provides customers with a dedicated block of photonic capacity measured in GHz. Customers then procure, install, maintain and monitor the service layer equipment, giving them a secure, private connection between two locations within a metropolitan area or across the U.S.Managed Spectrum, which leverages Windstream Wholesale’s...

Infinera hits 61.3 Tbps on simulated 1,240km Telstra InfraCo intercity link

Infinera achieved 61.3 terabits per second (Tbps) of unregenerated data transmission capacity on a fiber pair over a simulated intercity network trial for Telstra InfraCo’s intercity fiber project in Australia. 

The network trial, which simulated transmission over the equivalent of 1,240 route kilometers between Melbourne and Sydney, was implemented using Infinera’s 800G-capable ICE6 coherent solution and Corning’s SMF-28 ULL fiber with advanced bend, demonstrating the high-performance capability of the express network, which is part of the intercity fiber network Telstra InfraCo is building across Australia.

Infinera performed an in-service, non-traffic-impacting upgrade from C-band to combined C-band plus L-band as part of the capacity expansion process. With Infinera’s ICE6 and Corning’s optical fiber, Telstra InfraCo achieved 61.3 Tbps total capacity with 6.2 milliseconds latency across the combined C-band and L-band, with wavelengths up to 700 Gbps.

“Based on these results, Telstra InfraCo’s express network and overall intercity fiber build will lead the world in scale, low latency, and high data transmission performance rate,” said Kathryn Jones, Fiber Executive at Telstra InfraCo. “The simulation exceeds our expectations, offering almost seven times today’s typical capacity of 8.8 Tbps per fibre pair and validates our selection of Corning’s SMF-28 ULL fiber in the cable design. This will enable Telstra to develop market-leading solutions for our customers today and for years to come – a key element of Telstra’s ambitious T25 strategy and transformation goals.”

“To meet the rigorous demands of a vast network over Australia’s unique terrain, Telstra InfraCo needed fiber infrastructure with advanced bend capability and minimal signal loss to deliver ultra-high cable capacity. That’s why they turned to Corning,” said Sharon Bois, Division Vice President, Product Line and Marketing, Corning Optical Fiber and Cable. “Our SMF-28 ULL fiber with advanced bend is designed to meet exactly those needs.”

“Infinera’s 800G-capable ICE6 solution demonstrated industry-leading performance, maximizing fiber capacity and reach on Telstra InfraCo’s express network configuration,” said Nick Walden, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Infinera. “This achievement underscores the enhanced performance Infinera’s technology can bring to meet Telstra InfraCo’s express network requirements for bandwidth today and into the future.”

Kyndryl adds Fortinet's Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Kyndryl introduced a managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution powered by Fortinet.

SASE converges networking and security capabilities capbilties into a unified cloud-delivered service. SASE offers Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) and SD-WAN to deliver consistent security and enhanced user experience for users everywhere.

Kyndryl said its SASE solution combines edge computing capabilities with advanced network security tools – including its automated programmable SD-WAN infrastructure service– to provide end-to-end services that help companies reduce costs and complexity while providing the flexibility needed to meet changing business requirements.

“We are excited to offer this managed SASE solution with Fortinet to help customers transform their network and security architecture to reduce cyber risk, costs, and complexity,” said Paul Savill, Global Network & Edge Computing Practice Leader, Kyndryl. “The integration of SASE capabilities converges Zero Trust security capabilities into enterprise architectures, which is becoming paramount to achieving a trusted network security posture.”

“Fortinet secure networking solutions enable partners like Kyndryl to deliver differentiated services to help enterprise customers advance their SASE journeys,” said John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO at Fortinet. “This collaboration is the latest example of Fortinet’s commitment to providing a comprehensive single-vendor SASE solution that enables the convergence of networking and security.”

Mitsubishi Electric invests in Elephantech for metal inkjet printing for PCBs

Mitsubishi Electric has invested in Elephantech, a start-up using metal inkjet printing to mass produce printed circuit boards.

Elephantech, which is based in Tokyo, uses its metal inkjet printing and copper plating technologies to manufacture and sell its P-Flex flexible printed circuit boards (PCB). The company says its "Pure Additive" manufacturing technology has a lower environmental impact than conventional manufacturing methods. 

The conventional method is a subtractive method in which copper foil is first laminated entirely on the substrate and then removed where unnecessary to form a circuit. This method however requires a large amount of water. In contrast, Elephantech’s metal inkjet printing technology allows metal to be printed on a substrate only where necessary.

Qualcomm to acquire Autotalks for V2X chips

Qualcomm agreed to acquire Autotalks, a start-up based to Israel developing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technologies. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Autotalks is a fabless semiconductor company that has been dedicated to V2X communications since 2009. The company provides automotive qualified dual-mode global V2X solutions compatible with multiple V2X standards that are designed to reduce collisions and improve mobility. 

Qualcomm said it intends to integrate Autotalks standalone safety into its own Snapdragon portfolio.

“We have been investing in V2X research, development and deployment since 2017 and believe that as the automotive market matures, a standalone V2X safety architecture will be needed for enhanced road user safety, as well as smart transportation systems,” said Nakul Duggal, senior vice president & GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We share Autotalks’ decades-long experience and commitment to build V2X technologies and products with a focus on solving real-world road user safety challenges. We look forward to working together to deliver global V2X solutions that will help accelerate time-to-market and enable mass market adoption of this very important safety technology.”

“It has been our mission to revolutionize safety for the transportation and automotive industry through our V2X solutions,” said Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks.  “We are confident that by combining our knowledge and expertise, we will not only deliver strong V2X products that will enhance transportation efficiency and safety for road users but will accelerate widespread adoption of V2X. We look forward to serving the auto industry together with Qualcomm and to bring the best technologies to market.”

ADTRAN posts Q1 sales of $324M

ADTRAN reported first quarter revenue of $323.9 million. Net loss inclusive of the non-controlling interest for the first quarter of 2023 was $40.5 million. Net loss attributable to the company for the first quarter of 2023 was $34.5 million and diluted loss per share attributable to the company was $0.44. 

ADTRAN Holdings Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Stanton stated, “As mentioned in our pre-release, the results of the quarter were impacted by slowing sales predominately in our Subscriber Solutions category. Although we expect customer inventory management efforts to continue to affect our near-term results, the underlying demand to upgrade and deploy fiber networks is at an unprecedented high and we are ideally positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.”

  • Network Solutions revenue amounted to $282 million
  • Services and Support revenue amounted to $41 million

Kingston launches 7GB data center SSD

Kingston Digital introduced a line of Enterprise SSDs optimized for mixed-use workloads.

DC600M is 6Gbps SATA 3.0 storage with 3D TLC NAND, suited for use in high-volume rack-mount servers. The drive includes hardware based on-board power loss protection via power loss capacitors to protect data against unexpected power failure reducing the risk of data loss, and ensures the drive successfully re-initializes on the next system power-up. In addition, DC600M is AES 256-bit encrypted. 

The DC600M data center SSD is available in 480GB, 960GB, 1920GB, 3840GB, and 7680GB capacities.