Friday, April 28, 2023

Ericsson adds Dell serves to its Cloud RAN portfolio

Ericsson is partnering with Dell as a supplier of Dell PowerEdge servers for its Cloud RAN offering.

Ericsson said adding Dell PowerEdge servers, including the PowerEdge XR8000 and XR5610, which are specifically designed for telecom, Open RAN and mobile edge-computing workloads, brings even more choice and flexibility for Cloud RAN customers. D

Freddie Södergren, Head of Technology and Strategy for Networks, Ericsson, says: “Collaborating with Dell exemplifies our commitment to deliver added flexibility for our Cloud RAN customers, allowing them to choose their own infrastructure while ensuring telco-grade performance at the far edge. This collaboration will further enable open cloud infrastructures while supporting Dell’s high-performing server offerings.”

Ericsson strikes Cloud RAN agreement with AMD

Ericsson entered into an agreement with AMD to strengthen the Open RAN ecosystem and vendor-agnostic Cloud RAN environment.

The Ericsson-AMD collaboration will see additional processing technologies in the Ericsson Cloud RAN offering. The expanded offering aims to enhance the performance of Cloud RAN and secure high-capacity solutions. The collaboration will enable joint exploration of AMD EPYC processors and T2 Telco accelerator for utilization in Cloud RAN solutions, while also investigating future platform generations of these technologies.

Freddie Södergren, Head of Technology and Strategy for Networks, Ericsson, says: “Our work with AMD is a great example of our efforts to expand our support and add more choices for our customers looking to advance their Cloud RAN and Open RAN journey. Adding this technical partner furthers our commitment to enable Ericsson Cloud RAN to run on multiple platforms, delivering a truly cloud-agnostic platform that provides the highest performance required for delivering 5G connectivity and beyond.”