Tuesday, June 18, 2024

HPE teams with NVIDIA on Private-Cloud AI 

 HPE and NVIDIA have co-developed the Private Cloud AI portfolio to enhance innovation, return on investment, and manage enterprise AI risks. This portfolio supports a range of AI workloads and offers robust enterprise controls, cloud experiences, and flexible consumption models. The curated AI and data software stack is built on NVIDIA AI Enterprise and includes HPE AI Essentials software for adaptable and compliant AI solutions. The portfolio integrates NVIDIA's advanced computing technologies and HPE's infrastructure and cloud services for optimal performance and manageability across hybrid environments.

The announcement, which occured during the HPE Discover keynote by HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri, who was joined by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, marks the the expansion of a long-running partnership between the firms.

HPE Private Cloud AI

  • Inference, Fine-Tuning, and RAG AI Workloads: Supports proprietary data utilization.
  • Enterprise Control: Ensures data privacy, security, transparency, and governance.
  • Cloud Experience: Provides ITOps and AIOps capabilities for increased productivity.
  • Flexible Consumption: Adapts to future AI opportunities and growth.

Curated AI and Data Software Stack

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise: Accelerates data science pipelines and streamlines AI application development.
  • NVIDIA NIM Microservices: Optimizes AI model inferencing for smooth transitions from prototype to deployment.
  • HPE AI Essentials: Offers ready-to-run AI and data foundation tools with a unified control plane for adaptable solutions and enterprise support.

Integrated AI Infrastructure Stack

  • NVIDIA Spectrum-X Ethernet Networking
  • HPE GreenLake for File Storage
  • HPE ProLiant Servers: Supports NVIDIA L40S, H100 NVL Tensor Core GPUs, and GH200 NVL2 platform.

Global System Integrator Collaboration

  • Accelerated AI Solutions: Deloitte, HCLTech, Infosys, TCS, and WIPRO support the NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE portfolio for industry-focused AI solutions.

Support for NVIDIA’s Latest GPUs and CPUs

  • HPE Cray XD670: Supports eight NVIDIA H200 NVL Tensor Core GPUs for LLM builders.
  • HPE ProLiant DL384 Gen12: Equipped with NVIDIA GH200 NVL2 for larger models and RAG consumers.
  • HPE ProLiant DL380a Gen12: Supports up to eight NVIDIA H200 NVL Tensor Core GPUs for flexible scaling of GenAI workloads.
  • Future Support: Includes NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 / NVL2 and new NVIDIA architectures (Blackwell, Rubin, Vera).

High-Density File Storage

  • NVIDIA DGX BasePOD Certification: Provides enterprise file storage solutions for AI and GPU-intensive workloads.
  • Upcoming Certifications: HPE will partner on new NVIDIA reference architecture storage certifications.


  • HPE Private Cloud AI: Expected in the fall.
  • HPE ProLiant DL380a Gen12 and DL384 Gen12 Servers: Available in the fall.
  • HPE Cray XD670 Server: Available in the summer.

Vantage Data Centers completes $9.2B equity investment

Vantage Data Centers completed a $9.2 billion equity investment led by investment vehicles managed by DigitalBridge Group and Silver Lake.

Vantage has grown in recent years to own or control more than 25 sites in North America and EMEA totaling over three gigawatts of expected capacity. As part of the company’s investment plan, the new funding is expected to accelerate further growth by driving an estimated $30 billion of additional development, extending Vantage’s track record of bringing market leading capacity and innovative solutions to customers around the world. In connection with the investment, Vantage will continue its development of next-generation data centers, including energy-efficient and sustainable designs purpose-built for AI and large-scale cloud deployments.

“It’s exciting to experience such strong investor demand to fuel our unprecedented growth across North America and EMEA,” said Sureel Choksi, president and CEO of Vantage. “The confidence that DigitalBridge, Silver Lake and other investors have in Vantage and our ability to execute, as evidenced by an investment round that was significantly oversubscribed, is a testament to our team’s track record of delivering for our customers. This new funding from the world’s leading digital infrastructure and technology investors, along with numerous co-investors, is a game changer that uniquely positions Vantage to capitalize on the incredible AI and cloud opportunity in front of us.”

The capital raise was significantly oversubscribed and upsized by $2.8 billion with participation from multiple global investors, bringing the completed investment to $9.2 billion. Together with the €1.5 billion investment by AustralianSuper announced in September 2023, aggregate new investment in Vantage over the past nine months totals approximately $11 billion, of which more than $7 billion is primary equity. Primary proceeds will be used to fund Vantage’s growth across North America and EMEA, accelerating and extending the company’s strategic capabilities to partner with global hyperscalers in meeting unprecedented cloud and AI demand.

Microsoft opens data center region in Madrid

Microsoft inaugurated its first cloud region of data centers in Spain, located in multiple locations in the Community de Madrid.

The new cloud region (called Spain Central) will help to accelerate the digitalization of Spanish organizations, the development of the AI Economy in Spain and the growth of the local IT industry. The technologies offered at Spain Central are, among others, the most modern services for productivity, data analytics, cybersecurity, computing and storage (Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform), and also include generative Artificial Intelligence services, thus placing this cloud region among the most advanced in Europe. The new cloud region will provide highly available, scalable, and secure cloud services, including the option of in-country data residency for Spanish organizations.

Microsoft expects to invest US$2.1 billion in the period 2024-2025 in Spain, responding to the growing demand for Microsoft’s AI and cloud solutions from Spanish organizations.

Customers already using the new cloud region include (among others): Abanca, Aciturri, Banc Sabadell, Banco Santander, Bankinter, BBVA, CaixaBank, Canal de Isabel II, CELSA, Codere, Comunidad de Madrid, Grupo Catalana Occidente, Ibercaja, Ilunion, Metrovacesa, Mutua Madrileña, Naturgy, Navantia, Pelayo, Prosegur, Repsol, Ribera Salud, SegurCaixa Adeslas, Tecnicas Reunidas and Velilla. In addition, software developers (ISVs) such as Barracuda, Citrix, NetApp, OpenAI, Palantir, SAP, Veeam, Vmware or Zertia are also making use of Microsoft’s new infrastructure in

Padtec supplies subsea network connect Belém to Fortaleza for Global Fiber

Global Fiber, a telecommunications service operator specialized in optical fiber operations in Peru and Brazil, has chosen Padtec and Satelital as the primary suppliers for the submarine solution for a festoon network connecting two Brazilian capitals: Belém (in Pará state) and Fortaleza (in Ceará state). A festoon network is a type of underwater infrastructure that links multiple coastal points without requiring intermediate amplification.

Global Fiber operates a fiber optic network with coverage throughout Peru and is implementing a sub-river network on the Amazon River, connecting the locations of Iquitos and Santa Rosa de Yaraví, in Peru, Leticia, in Colombia, and Tabatinga, in Brazil. “By supporting the construction of the Belém-Fortaleza section, within the Lima – Fortaleza project, Global Fiber contributes to reducing digital gaps in difficult-to-access locations, providing all areas of the Amazon region with high-quality communication and a more connected Latin America”, highlights Obed Dionisio, CEO of Global Fiber.

Padtec and Satelital will be responsible for leading the construction of the first Global Fiber festoon network in Brazil. Manuel Andrade, CEO of Padtec North America and director of International Operations, states that Padtec is returning to the submarine and sub-river systems market. “With the Belém – Fortaleza section, which is expected to come into operation at the end of 2025, Padtec expands its experience in implementing submarine networks with these characteristics”, he states. 



Dell'Oro: Accelerated Servers accounted for over 50% of server sales

Accelerated servers equipped with GPUs and custom accelerators accounted for more than half of all server sales in 1Q 2024, according to a new report from Dell'Oro Group. Not only are the hyperscalers leading the way in deploying accelerated servers for AI workloads, but enterprises are also increasing their adoption of accelerated servers as GPU supplies improve.

“Worldwide data center capex experienced the first double-digit growth in five quarters. The hyperscale Cloud service providers in US and China saw an aggregate growth rate exceeding 40 percent as AI-infrastructure investments maintained strong growth momentum,” said Baron Fung, Sr. Research Director at Dell’Oro Group. “Meanwhile, there is optimism for a modest improvement in the outlook for enterprise IT spending along with a recovery in general-purpose server market later this year as end users replace servers overdue for refresh to the latest CPU platforms from Intel and AMD,” explained Fung.

Additional highlights from the 1Q 2024 Data Center IT Capex Quarterly Report:

  • Server and storage system revenues are forecast for growth greater than 30 percent in 2024, while network and physical infrastructure revenues are expected to grow single digits.
  • Dell led all OEMs in server revenue in 1Q 2024 followed by HPE and Supermicro. Accelerated servers accounted for an estimated 27 percent of the OEM server revenues during the quarter.
  • White box server vendors gained 11 points of revenue share year-over-year compared to the OEMs as hyperscalers increased deployments of servers equipped with GPUs and custom accelerators.
  • The accelerated server market is forecast to increase by more than 80 percent in 2024.