Wednesday, November 25, 2020

AWS suffers outage impacting Kinesis Data Streams API

Amazon Web Services reported a widespread outage in North America impacting its Kinesis Data Streams API.

Amazon Kinesis is a managed service that lets websites ingest, buffer, and process streaming data in real-time.

In a status update, AWS said the issue was "also affecting other services, including ACM, Amplify Console, API Gateway, AppMesh, AppStream2, AppSync, Athena, Batch, CodeArtifact, CodeGuru Profiler, CodeGuru Reviewer, CloudFormation, CloudMap, CloudTrail, Cognito, Connect, DynamoDB, EventBridge, Glue, IoT Services, Lambda, LEX, Managed Blockchain, Marketplace, MediaLive, MediaConvert, Personalize, RDS Performance Insights, Resource Groups, SageMaker, Support Console, Well Architected, and Workspaces.