Friday, April 12, 2024

Cisco completes acquisition of Isovalent for open source networking

Cisco completed its previously-announced acquisition of Isovalent, a leader in open source cloud native networking and security. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Isovalent holds leadership positions in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and eBPF Foundation, in addition to upstream software contributions, and has led the development of Cilium, the leading cloud native solution for networking and security. 

  • eBPF, which stands for extended Berkeley Packet Filter,” provides a lightweight, efficient, and secure framework for running bytecode in the Linux kernel without changing kernel source code or loading kernel modules. Originally designed for network packet filtering, eBPF has evolved to offer more generalized functionality, including:
  • Network Functionality: eBPF is widely used for networking tasks, such as filtering, monitoring, and routing of network packets.
  • Observability: It allows for detailed monitoring and tracing of system and application behaviors. eBPF can be used to trace kernel and user-space functions, making it a powerful tool for performance analysis and debugging.

The Isovalent team joins the Cisco Security Business Group.

Lumen wins US government managed network services contract

Lumen Technologies recently landed a $73,616,904 contract to transform the U.S. Government Accountability Office's (GAO) network, data, voice and video connectivity.


  • These modern technologies powered by Lumen enable GAO to provide Congress, the executive branch and the public with well-timed, fact-based, non-partisan analysis and recommendations that can improve government and save taxpayers billions of dollars.
  • Lumen is delivering secure managed network services, virtual private network services, ethernet transport services, internet protocol services, videoconferencing services, and voice and toll-free services to GAO, which serves as the audit, evaluation and investigative arm of Congress.
  • This task order has a base performance period of one year, with eight additional one-year options. It was awarded to Lumen under the General Services Administration's Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program.