Thursday, August 18, 2022

Google Cloud blocks massive Layer 7 DDoS attack

On June 1, Google Cloud blocked what it claims to be the largest Layer 7 DDoS attack. On that date, a Google Cloud Armor customer was targeted with a series of HTTPS DDoS attacks which peaked at 46 million requests per second. 

In addition to its unexpectedly high volume of traffic, Google noted sever other noteworthy characteristics of the attack. There were 5,256 source IPs from 132 countries contributing to the attack. pproximately 22% (1,169) of the source IPs corresponded to Tor exit nodes, although the request volume coming from those nodes represented just 3% of the attack traffic. Also, the geographic distribution and types of unsecured services leveraged to generate the attack matched the MÄ“ris family of attacks.

DriveNets raises $262 million for its cloud-native networking

DriveNets, a start-up based in Israel that offers cloud-native networking solutions for communications service providers (CSPs) and cloud providers, announced $262 million in a Series C venture capital funding round.

The round was led by D2 Investments with the participation of DriveNets’ current investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners, Pitango, D1 Capital, Atreides Management, and Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services.

DriveNets cites significant market traction since its last funding round in 2021:

  • Growing network traffic running on the DriveNets’ Network Cloud solution by 1,000 percent
  • Engaging with nearly 100 customers and doubled bookings year over year
  • Establishing key strategic partnerships to speed up the deployment of next-generation networks worldwide, including agreements with Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC), EPS Global, Wipro Limited, and KGPCo.
  • Growing its overall employee base by 30 percent, significantly expanding its operations and deployment teams, and its global reach.
  • DriveNets also recently announced the addition of three cloud and networking industry veterans to its leadership team.

“DriveNets’ approach of building networks like cloud allows telecom providers to take advantage of technological efficiencies available to cloud hyperscalers, such as cloud-native software design and optimal utilization of shared resources across multiple services,” said Ido Susan, DriveNets founder and CEO. “This latest round of investment demonstrates our investors and customers’ confidence in us and will enable us to expand the value and global operational support we offer them.”

“DriveNets has demonstrated its ability to move the networking industry forward and has gained the trust of tier-1 operators,” said Adam Fisher, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “While other solution providers are facing challenging headwinds, DriveNets continues to innovate and execute on its vision to change the future of the networking market.”

“DriveNets has already made a big impact in the high-scale networking industry and its routing solutions are adopted by tier-1 operators for their quality and the innovation they enable,” said Aaron

DriveNets powers whiteboxes running Broadcom's J2C+ ASIC

DriveNets'Network Cloud routing software now supports Broadcom’s Jericho 2c+ (J2C+) ASIC using a new white box, the NCP-36CD-S, which can be configured into a 691 Tbps cluster.The new NCP-36CD-S is the third data plane white box available, joining the current NCP-10CD and NCP-40C models. All three white boxes are supported by the same fabric of white boxes (NCFs) and can be mixed & matched in a cluster, offering full flexibility, growth, and...

DriveNets discloses high-profile investors

DriveNets announced that a further $7 million has been added to its Series A financing round and the addition of three new investors: Microsoft chairman John Thompson, Seagate chairman Steve Luczo, and former Palo Alto Networks CEO Mark McLaughlin. DriveNet scales its disaggregated router to 400G Wednesday, April 17, 2019  DriveNets, Start-Ups   DriveNets, a start-up based in Israel, announced 400G-port routing support...

AT&T deploys open disaggregated core router

AT&T has deployed its open disaggregated core routing platform on its 400G transport network. The router leverages technology from Broadcom, DriveNets, and UfiSpace. The white box hardware, which was designed and manufactured by UfiSpace, is based on Broadcom’s Jericho2 switching silicon and Distributed, Dis-aggregated Chassis (DDC) design. It consists of three components: a 40x100G line card system, 10x400G line card system, and a 48x400G...

Pliops raises $100 million for its extreme data processor

Pliops, a start-up based in San Jose, California, closed a $100 million Series D funding round for its data processors for cloud and enterprise data centers.

Pliops' Extreme Data Processor (XDP) simplifies the way data is processed and flash is managed. 

The latest funding round was led by Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) – with SK hynix, Lip-Bu Tan, Chairman of Walden International, and State of Mind Ventures Momentum, in addition to previous investors including Intel Capital, Viola Ventures, Softbank Ventures Asia, NVIDIA, AMD, Western Digital ad Alicorn. This brings total investment in the company to more than $200 million since its founding in 2017.

"As NVMe storage becomes even more critical for data-intensive applications and workloads in the data center, we continue to invest in innovative technologies that tackle bottlenecks in traditional infrastructure," said Jin Lim, Head of Solution Lab (SOLAB) at SK hynix. "Pliops technology is well-aligned with our storage, and we consider it an important tool and stepping stone toward next-generation storage systems that maximize the potential of data applications, including AI/ML and data analytics.”

“The ability to monetize data faster and get much more while paying much less is the core priority of every organization, especially in times of market volatility,” noted Uri Beitler, Pliops founder and CEO. “Our transformative product offers this exact unique capability, making it imminent that Pliops XDP will be the cornerstone of every modern data center. With the trust of our existing customers and partners, and our commitment to align company resources with the current economic climate, this funding round will accelerate our market adoption and help move us closer to becoming the market leader.”

Cadence and GlobalFoundries collaborate on RF and mmWave

Cadence Design Systems has collaborated with GlobalFoundries (GF) to accelerate 5G and mobile design innovation through the delivery of the Cadence RF and mmWave flow for the GF 22FDX platform. 

As a proof point, the Cadence full-flow RF solution was used to design and tape out a 28GHz 5G mmWave IC on the GF 22FDX platform and design an integrated antenna as a complete system-in-package (SiP) solution. Furthermore, the mmWave IC design was simulated with the Cadence AWR Virtual System Simulator (VSS)—using the combined Rohde & Schwarz signal creation and analysis tools within the R&S VSESIM-VSS supporting 5G NR—and showed a high correlation to silicon measurements and lab testing performed by the German institute, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS.

“By collaborating with Cadence, we’re making it faster and easier for customers to design 5G and mobile applications, leveraging both the Cadence RF and mmWave flows and our 22FDX platform,” said Dr. Bami Bastani, SVP and GM, Mobile & Wireless Infrastructure Strategic Business Unit at GF. “Our 22FDX platform delivers the power efficiency and performance levels that customers need for 5G design, and we’re looking forward to seeing mutual customers accelerate mobile innovation.”

“5G mobile designs require advanced technology integrations and semiconductor processes to meet aggressive size, weight and performance targets, and the Cadence flows were developed to support the GF 22FDX platform and improve overall design efficiency,” said Tom Beckley, senior vice president and general manager in the Custom IC & PCB Group at Cadence. “Through our collaboration with GF, we’ve demonstrated success with a 28GHz 5G mmWave IC in a package, which, in turn, provides our customers with confidence that they can achieve their own design goals.”

SKY Perfect JSAT signs SpaceX’s Starship

SKY Perfect JSAT selected SpaceX’s Starship for launch of its Superbird-9 communications satellite in 2024 to geosynchronous transfer orbit.

This is the first publically-announced commercial launch contract for the upcoming Starship rocket.

Superbird-9 will deliver broadcast and broadband missions in Ku band primarily over Japan and Eastern Asia.

  • In 2021, SKY Perfect JSAT signed Airbus for the Superbird-9 satellite.

Extreme Networks intros Wi-Fi 6E Outdoor AP

Extreme Networks introduced an outdoor Wi-Fi 6E Outdoor Access Point (AP) optimized for deployment across outdoor venues, convention centers, hospital and university campuses and large stadiums, among others. 

The AP5050 has three 4x4:4 radios which provides high efficiency, high performance 802.11ax aggregate data rates up to 10 Gpbs. It combines Wi-Fi 6E, advanced security and AI/ML capabilities together in a single solution. It features a dedicated tri-frequency sensor that does a full-time scan for rogue devices, significantly minimizing the risk of vulnerability and attacks without compromising the performance of the network. The AP5050 also supports the latest Wi-Fi Alliance WPA3 security certification, a stateful DPI firewall for context-based access, Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) to secure IoT environments, Extreme Fabric Attach for automated provisioning and a location analytics sensor.

“As the first publicly available outdoor Wi-Fi 6E capable access point, the AP5050 will provide limitless opportunity when it comes to rolling out innovative new mobile services and experiences at large outdoor venues. Extreme understands the requirements of secure, reliable, uninterrupted connectivity in large venues better than anyone in the industry, as evidenced by our relationships with some of the world’s most esteemed professional sports organizations, hospitals, convention centers, universities and iconic venues like Olympiastadion Berlin, Los Angeles Coliseum and soon Old Trafford Stadium. The AP5050 also unlocks the potential to push mobile services to the perimeter of the venue to create new monetization opportunities and a better, more consistent customer experience.” – Dan DeBacker, SVP of Products, Extreme Networks.

BlastWave expands its management team

BlastWave, a start-up which offers a zero-trust stack that combines state-of-the-art passwordless multi-factor authentication with high-performance, resilient encrypted connectivity and built-in microsegmentation, announced the appointment of Keao Caindec as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Vince Zappula as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

 Zappula previously served in CRO and revenue growth roles at CoSoSys, Data Endure and Newchip Accelerator.

Caindec will oversee BlastWave’s brand strategy, marketing and communications. His previous experience includes roles at Yipes (acquired by Reliance), OpSource (acquired by Dimension Data) and Mocana, a leading provider of cybersecurity protection solutions for the industrial sector. 

“Ultimately, it’s about the mission, not any one person,” said Tom Sego, BlastWave Founder and CEO. “High emotional intelligence is a core value of BlastWave’s culture. These executive additions reinforce our cultural values of no-nonsense bias toward action. Keao and Vince will further BlastWave’s go-to-market strategy and enhance the execution of our company vision to provide an integrated ZTNA solution that simplifies security, performance and manageability.”

T-Mobile delivers 5G upgrades for Yankee Stadium

T-Mobile is touting a series of 5G upgrades delieverd in New York’s iconic Yankee Stadium. 

T-Mobile customers with 5G devices average speeds up to 10 times faster than before. The upgrades include launching Ultra Capacity 5G in select sections and, for those with older LTE phones, doubling the capacity for LTE in the stadium. Fans at Yankee Stadium will get even more 5G upgrades for the 2023 season.

“Yankee Stadium is home to one of the most iconic franchises in the history of American sports,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “Now, New Yorkers and people visiting from across the country to catch a game have access to ultra-fast, reliable 5G so they can share more of that experience.”