Tuesday, April 12, 2022

LF Networking highlights progress with its 5G Super Blueprint

LF Networking cited progress with its 5G Super Blueprint,  a community-driven integration/illustration of multiple open source initiatives, projects, and vendors coming together to show use cases.

The 5G Super Blueprint is now integrated across additional projects––including Magma (1.6), EMCO, and Anuket––building open source components applicable to a variety of industry use cases. Preliminary scoping for future integrations with the O-RAN Software Community have begun, setting the stage for end-to-end open source interoperability from the core through the RAN and future compliance activities.

Meanwhile, the L3AF project has been inducted into the LF Networking umbrella. L3AF is an open source project, developed by Walmart, housing solutions in the realm of eBPF (a revolutionary technology that allows us to run sandboxed programs in an operating system kernel) that provides complete life-cycle management of eBPF programs with the help of an advanced control plane that has been written in Golang. The  control plane orchestrates and composes independent eBPF programs across the network infrastructure to solve crucial business problems. L3AF's eBPF programs include load-balancing, rate limiting, traffic mirroring, flow exporter, packet manipulation, performance tuning, and many more.  L3AF joined the Linux Foundation in fall of 2021 and has now been inducted into the LF Networking project umbrella.

LFN also added the following new silver members: ATOS,  include: ATOS, GenXComm, Keysight Technologies, and Telaverge Communications.

"As the LF Networking community rolls into its fourth year as an umbrella project organization, we are pleased to see robust efforts focused on securing 5G across multiple project & foundations as we welcome even more industry-leading organizations to the project," said Arpit Joshipura, general manager, Networking, Edge and IoT, the Linux Foundation. "It's the robust and diverse set of member companies that enable LFN's collaborative innovation into the future of 5G and networking."

LF Networking video: 5G Super Blueprint

 Pieces are coming together from across the many open source networking projects to define an end-to-end architecture for 5G. The new 5G Super Blueprint works end-to-end across the open source 5G stack enabling easier deployments and automation with Magma 5G Core, ORAN SC,  LF Edge Akraino. Arpit Joshipura, GM, Networking, Edge & IoT, The Linux Foundation, explains.“ONAP is an integral component of the 5G Super Blueprint,...

Vertical Systems: U.S. carrier managed SD-WAN to hit $7.8B by 2026

The U.S. market for Carrier Managed SD-WAN Services is projected to surge to $7.8 billion by 2026, according to latest research from Vertical Systems Group.

Revenue for this rapidly expanding market segment is derived from U.S. customer site installations with SD-WAN Service overlay components plus WAN Access underlay connectivity.

 SD-WAN is one of the three Carrier Managed VPN Services tracked by Vertical, along with MPLS and Site-to-Site VPNs. Migration from MPLS has been a significant growth driver for Carrier Managed SD-WANs, with customers converting to either hybrid MPLS/SD-WAN configurations or full replacements. Despite this ongoing technology migration, U.S. revenue and customer connections for MPLS plus Site-to-Site services still eclipse Carrier Managed SD-WAN.


Japan's TOYO Corp to harness ADVA’s optical cesium atomic clock

TOYO Corporation has deployed ADVA's Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clock solution to enable R&D institutions to achieve new levels of accuracy in network synchronization. 

ADVA’s optical cesium atomic clock leverages advanced optical-pumping techniques. This enables the device to optimize both time delivery performance and product lifetime. 

ADVA says that by utilizing cesium atoms in a much more efficient way than legacy magnetic cesium clocks, the technology provides better performance and optimum stability for over 10 years. 

“TOYO Corporation’s selection of our industry-first optical cesium atomic clock highlights the difference that this device is about to make in a wide range of fields. From metrology to industrial control and positioning, critical applications need extremely high levels of accuracy and availability. No solution on the market comes close to our optical cesium atomic clock in terms of precision, stability, long lifetime and robust design,” commented Erik Lindberg, VP of sales, APAC at ADVA. “We’re delighted that our solution is being used to support cutting-edge research in Japan. It proves how the timing accuracy requirements of tomorrow are achievable today.”

“As a company that leads the world in advanced test and measurement systems, we appreciate the impact that ADVA’s Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clock can make. By providing ultra-stable and precise frequency information, we’re enabling major research institutes to achieve unprecedented levels of timing accuracy,” said Hiroaki Tokumichi, division manager of TOYO Corporation. “Highly precise synchronization is essential in many different fields such as 5G and automated driving. The accuracy that ADVA’s technology brings could impact social infrastructure applications in power and transport and be key to the future of disaster prevention. Along with its compact design, that’s what made it the most suitable solution available.”


team.blue Denmark deploys Ciena's Waveserver Ai

team.blue Denmark has selected Ciena’s Waveserver Ai platform to serve as the foundation for its WAN-ring, providing point-to-point metro data center interconnect (DCI) network service between sites.

Ciena’s Waveserver Ai platform delivers high capacity – up to 2.4 Tb/s in a single rack unit. 

“We needed a solution to extend the capabilities of our current dark fiber infrastructure. It needed to be powerful, easy to use, and extremely stable while also being ultra-efficient in terms of power and size,” said Michael Munk Lassen, Principal Systems Architect & Head of Technology, Infrastructure, team.blue. 

“Ciena’s Waveserver Ai platform meets this need and enables us to create a simple point-to-point network between sites currently providing up to 8x100G on a single dark fiber which can be scaled further if needed.”

“Cloud and content providers across the globe are investing in their DCI capabilities to increase network efficiency, reduce energy consumption and enable highly resilient connectivity at the edge of their network,” said Jean David Fabre, Director, Datacenter Connectivity Solutions, Ciena. “Rolling out Ciena’s Waverserver Ai platform allows team.blue Denmark to provide cutting-edge services.”

Ekinops reports strong Q1 demand and +20% revenue growth

Ekinops reported Q1 2022 consolidated revenue of €27.8m, up 20% vs. Q1 2021 (+19% at constant scope). At constant scope and exchange rates, revenue rose 16%, in line with the 2022 annual target for organic growth at least equal to that of 2021 (+12%).

The company reported growth in all of its businesses, with software and services up +64%. Profiting from the strength of its Services activity, its SDN (Software Defined Networks) solutions, the network function virtualization solutions, and the contribution of SixSq's activities, revenue generated by software and services rose by +64% over the quarter.

The share of software and services continued to increase, and now accounts for 17% of the Group's quarterly revenue, versus 12% one year prior, and 14% for full year 2021.

Optical Transport activity showed a strong increase over Q1 2022, thanks to the success of the 200 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s WDM systems.

In North America, which totals 18% of Group's sales, Ekinops achieved vigorous quarterly growth of +54% in Q1 2022 (+42% in US dollars). This performance is the result of an extremely solid increase in the activity of both Optical Transport and Access solutions.

EMEA (Europe - excl. France - Middle East & Africa) region, which represents 42% of the Group's activity, achieved growth of +21% for the quarter, underpinned largely by Optical Transport solutions, particularly in Germany.


Zayo launches Enterprise Solutions

Zayo launched a suite of connectivity, security and networking services for enterprises.

“With Zayo Enterprise Solutions, we are taking the expertise we’ve built serving the large hyperscalers, major carriers and 70% of the top U.S. financial services firms and extending that same level of speed, security and service to enterprises of all sizes,” said Dan Stoll, Managing Director of Regional Network Services at Zayo. “Too many businesses are stuck with multiple connectivity vendors and outdated networks, leading to a clunky, overpriced experience. Our goal is to deliver an alternative that is more affordable, more efficient and well-positioned to help enterprises grow.”

Highlights of Zayo Enterprise Solutions:

  • Shielded Internet Access - a dedicated Internet connection and the option to select DDoS Protection with always-on monitoring, attack identification, and unlimited auto-mitigation, as well as CloudLink - a secure, private connection to a customer’s cloud provider.
  • Shielded Virtual Network - a private, dedicated solution that enables users to share data across multiple locations using a private IP VPN.
  • Local, Personalized Support

Zayo has established dedicated teams in Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Seattle and Toronto to provide local support.


KKR to acquire Barracuda Networks from Thoma Bravo

KKR, a leading global investment firm, agreed to Barracuda Networks from Thoma Bravo, a leading software investment firm. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Founded in 2003, Barracuda offers a broad suite of cybersecurity solutions across email protection, application security, network security and data protection that can be deployed and managed in both cloud and hybrid environments. The company focuses on serving small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and has more than 200,000 customers worldwide.

“We believe that with the support of KKR, we will continue to invest in growth and foster a culture that gives our team the resources and inspiration to continue to create and deliver the next generation of leading cybersecurity solutions for our customers and partners,” said Hatem Naguib, CEO of Barracuda. “We are very appreciative of Thoma Bravo’s support and very excited to be working with KKR on this next phase of Barracuda’s journey.”


IP Infusion cites Q1 momentum

IP Infusion said its network operating system platform, OcNOS, attracted 20 new customers in 1Q 2022 and now has 160 unique paying customers.

The company reports heightened demand for its Provider Edge and Aggregation Router, which yielded a 60 percent increase in new orders representing five times the revenue growth posted in 1Q 2021.

First quarter customer wins announced include Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), Mobicom, uGrid and Kazakhtelecom. IP Infusion also launched in 1Q 2022 several new global business partnerships including Jabil, Distri X, Syncworks, Aircom, Netier, and SoftNet Solutions.

“It’s gratifying to leverage our momentum in 2021 into a powerful growth trajectory continuing in 2022, especially in the Provider Edge and Aggregation Router space,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion. “By delivering a carrier-grade, open disaggregated network operating system platform, IP Infusion enables network operators to break vendor lock-in and deploy best-in-class technologies that unleash unprecedented innovation.”