Thursday, June 23, 2022

Edgecore launches hospitality solution based on TIP OpenWiFi

Edgecore Networks introduced a full-stack OpenWiFi hospitality solution for ISP and MSP customers based on TIP OpenWiFi software.

Edgecore’s ecCLOUD and Wi-Fi AP both use the latest version of TIP OpenWiFi 2.0, released for commercial use. TIP OpenWiFi 2.0 utilizes uCentral, a lightweight agile communications framework that can dramatically cut cloud hosting costs. In addition, TIP OpenWiFi’s open architecture enables Edgecore to work with application service providers to develop services including Smart Indoor Location Solution, network quality of experience (QoE), network security and other services. The Smart Indoor Location Solution is now available for trial use, and the world's first hospitality- and MDU-dedicated TIP OpenWiFi AP, EAP104, will be available for test appointments from now on, being officially launched in Q3 2022.

Edgecore’s ecCLOUD enterprise controller that can manage hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi Access points (APs) from both Edgecore as well as any other hardware vendor with compatible OpenWiFi software. In addition, Edgecore’s EAP104, the world's first open hospitality and multi-dwelling 

Edgecore said it has actively led the way adopting the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) OpenWiFi to unlock limitations and create an OpenWiFi compatible infrastructure with commercial expansion value, rewriting the nature of hospitality Wi-Fi networks. ISPs and MSPs are now no longer bound by a single vendor but can flexibly choose mixing and matching from different cloud controllers, Wi-Fi APs, and switches.

“Edgecore’s full-stack OpenWiFi hospitality solution unbinds ISPs and MSPs from closed network infrastructures and introduces unlimited innovation possibilities and business potential. As one of the earliest and active TIP OpenWiFi partners, Edgecore Networks will keep working with TIP to grow the OpenWiFi ecosystem together globally.” said Tengtai Hsu, Vice President of Edgecore Networks. 

Telstra Wholesale deploys ADVA FSP 150 for Rapid Mobile Activation

Telstra Wholesale is leveraging ADVA FSP 150 technology to provide its Rapid Mobile Activation service. The new capabilities enable Telstra Wholesale’s communication service provider (CSP) customers to quickly provision Ethernet connectivity and deliver greater levels of resilience. 

With Telstra Wholesale’s new offering, CSPs across Australia can install their customer premises equipment using Ethernet over mobile. End users then have faster access to services while they wait for fiber to be provisioned. Once fiber is in place, the mobile service becomes a backup so that Layer 2 services are available even in the event of a fiber outage. The new capabilities are enabled by the ADVA FSP 150-XG300 Series of 10Gbit/s multi-layer demarcation, aggregation and edge computing devices. The technology delivers zero-touch provisioning at the network edge with fully automated activation and advanced security controls. It enables Telstra Wholesale to provide a differentiated service that offers a unique competitive advantage.

“Our new Rapid Mobile Activation is changing the way our customers deliver business internet and other services. Using the power of our mobile network and the LTE capabilities of ADVA’s edge solution, we’re making it quick and easy for CSPs to meet booming demand for enterprise connectivity. We’re also creating another layer of redundancy for enhanced availability,” said Glenn Osborne, executive, wholesale segment at Telstra InfraCo. “Ethernet Access customers will benefit greatly from these innovative mobile capabilities, particularly businesses that are moving locations or need connectivity sooner and value the added resilience of mobile backup, which will prove invaluable as they digitize their operations.”

“Our long-standing partnership with Telstra Wholesale has brought Ethernet services with ever greater levels of quality and reliability to businesses throughout Australia. Now our innovation and support are helping empower CSPs with unprecedented scale, speed and efficiency. Rapid Mobile Activation lets Telstra Wholesale’s customers bring enterprises online in as little as eight working days. It also relieves end users from the cost and complexity of configuring their own mobile backup,” commented Erik Lindberg, VP of sales, APAC at ADVA. “Telstra Wholesale is streamlining activation processes while also making connectivity more robust. At a time when IoT technology is coming into its own, the new service will open up a world of opportunities across a wide range of industries.”

Tibit raises $30 million for 10G and 25G PON

Tibit Communications announced $30 million in series C funding to support its its 10G PON manufacturing capacity and 25G PON program.

The investment will be used immediately to accelerate Tibit's 25G ASIC program, which will build upon its successful 10G ASIC and MicroPlug™ OLT product line. 25GS-PON will be the next big step in PON access speeds for enterprise, multi-gig residential services and 5G wireless connectivity. Tibit is a founding member and contributor to the 25GS-PON MSA, the 25 gigabit PON standard which now includes almost 50 carriers, system vendors and solution providers worldwide ( Tibit's increased investment in 25GS-PON today will establish the Tibit MicroPlug OLT product line as a cornerstone platform for the next big step in fiber broadband access speeds.

The funding round includes Tibit's current investors Liberty Global (LGI), Swisscom Ventures, Intel Capital, Ciena, Juniper Networks and Solasta Ventures.

The Series C investment will also scale Tibit's manufacturing capabilities to meet demand fueled by its successful solution partnerships, game-changing innovations in simplifying PON and control of its own OLT ASIC silicon.

"Tibit has been well positioned to take advantage of the tailwinds from operators investing in 10G PON fiber deployments, which have led to incredible momentum for the company in the marketplace and strong investor support. This funding will enable us to grow our 10G manufacturing capabilities and develop an innovative 25G solution," said Richard Stanfield, President and CEO of Tibit.

Lumentum locks in wafer supply deal with IQE

 IQE plc,  a leading supplier of compound semiconductor wafer products and advanced material solutions, announced a mult-year supply agreement with IBM. The deal includes the supply of epiwafers supporting 3D Sensing, LiDAR for automotive, and optical networking applications.

Americo Lemos, Chief Executive Officer of IQE, commented: “Our partnership with Lumentum is in alignment with our strategy to strengthen our customer relationships and to enter into long-term agreements securing wafer supply. Lumentum and IQE are industry leaders in the 3D Sensing space, and this partnership is underpinned by IQE’s unrivalled technology portfolio. We look forward to our continued collaboration and expansion of our business relationship into new market segments.”

Alan Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of Lumentum, added: “I am pleased to extend our fruitful partnership with IQE into the future. They supported our ramp to high volumes in the consumer space, where we have shipped more than 1 billion large scale VCSEL arrays. As we start to ramp high volumes of differentiated solutions into even more demanding applications in the coming years in the automotive, extended reality, and industrial spaces, I’m sure our partnership will continue to flourish.”

Aligned plans 3rd data center in Salt Lake City

Aligned Data Centers announced plans for SLC-03, a new data center on its hyperscale campus in West Jordan, Utah. The Build-to-Scale project will add more than 100 MW of capacity to the campus in order to meet hyperscale demand for Aligned’s scalable and sustainable infrastructure. 

“Our newest Build-to-Scale customer requires not only rapid construction timelines to keep pace with their accelerated growth, but seamlessly scalable, sustainable infrastructure that supports their environmental commitments, which are some of the most aggressive in the world,” states Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned. “This is our fourth hyperscale data center in the Salt Lake City metro area – a market we entered just three-and-a-half years ago. Our expansion in the Silicon Slopes is a testament to Aligned’s continuous ability to deliver critical capacity quickly – wherever our customers require it.”

Scintil Photonics raises $14M for silicon photonic integrated circuits

Scintil Photonics, a supplier of advanced silicon photonic integrated circuits with monolithically integrated lasers and optical amplifiers, secured €13.5M ($14.4M) in second round funding. The company is based in Grenoble, France.

Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) led the round, with historic shareholders Innovacom, Supernova Invest and Bpifrance, through its Digital Venture fund, reinvesting to bring the company’s total funding to €17.5M ($18.8M), to date.'

Scintil Photonics will use the funds to take its industrialization program to the next level and speed up the global commercialization of its products that boost communications in data centers, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and 5G networks. 

Scintil Photonics’ optical communications aim to significantly enhance traditional high-speed system and chip interconnections. The company’s Augmented Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit (IC) product is a single-chip solution consisting of active and passive components, all made entirely from standard silicon photonics processes available at CMOS commercial foundries, and where III-V optical amplifiers and lasers are integrated on the backside of advanced silicon photonic circuits. This unique all-in-one integration of amplifiers and lasers enables ultrahigh-speed communications, due to extensive parallelization and higher bit rates, e.g., from 800 G to 3,200 Gbit/sec with very compact chips. 

“Scintil Photonics’ monolithic integration of III-V Lasers into silicon photonic chips is a key enabler for next-generation telecom, datacom and sensing,” says Ingo Ramesohl, managing director at RBVC. “The CMOS-compatible process allows for higher design freedom, lower losses and a smaller footprint at low cost. We are excited to partner with Scintil Photonics as it uniquely unlocks further miniaturization and integration of Photonic Integrated Circuits.” 

Scintil Photonics raises EUR 4 million for 800G transceiver prototype

Scintil Photonics, a start-up based in Grenoble, France, announced EUR 4 million in first-round funding for its work in silicon photonic fully integrated circuits. The company said the funding will be used to develop prototypes (800 Gbps transceiver photonic circuits) in commercial semiconductor foundries in order to sample strategic customers in the data center market. The team and development partnerships, including those with CEA-Leti in France...

Continuous-Wave Wavelength Division Multiplexing MSA gets underway

A new Continuous-Wave Wavelength Division Multiplexing Multi-Source Agreement (CW-WDM MSA) consortium has been established to define and promote specifications for multi-wavelength advanced integrated optics. The CW-WDM MSA said it will solely focus on specifying the laser source instead of the full communications link, and is not targeted at any specific application. Such an approach allows developers to fully optimize optics to their customers’...

Italy's Azcom picks Keysight for O-RAN testing

Azcom Technology, a provider of wireless solutions and certification services, has selected Keysight Open Radio Architect (KORA) solutions for verifying Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) equipment.

Based in Italy, Azcom uses KORA solutions to validate performance and compliance of O-RAN Radio and Distributed Units (O-RU and O-DU) implementation to specifications set by the O-RAN ALLIANCE, as well as to verify interoperability between these network elements. Azcom also uses the KORA test tools to perform O-RAN pre-certification and badging testing. 

Keysight’s end-to-end test capability enables Azcom to develop the company’s O-RAN compliant 5G O-RU with support across multiple standards, including 5G New Radio (NR), 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

“As a provider of cutting-edge product engineering services to global customers for more than two decades, Azcom is excited to expand its use of Keysight’s software-centric emulation, test and validation tools,” said Davide Denti, 5G RU product manager at Azcom. “Keysight’s Open RAN Studio Player is a highly versatile and easy-to-use tool. Keysight’s open RAN solutions enable Azcom to accelerate the development of proprietary solutions as well as efficiently provide leading certification services critical to the rapid advancement of the open RAN community.”