Sunday, May 7, 2023

Padtec's powers DWDM network along the bed of the Amazon

Padtec is supplying its DWDM equipment for a high-capacity network that runs along the bed of the Amazon river in the north of Brazil. 

In the first phase of Norte Conectado, a program operated by a consortium of telecommunications companies under Brazil's Ministry of Communications (MCom), Alloha Fibra, the largest independent optical fiber operator in Brazil and the third-largest fiber company in the country, will deploy Padtec’s DWDM solution to increase the transmission capacity of the longest section of the sub-river network.

Over 300 kilometers long, this segment connects Macapá, the capital of Amapá state, to the city of Almerim in Pará state, via the bed of the Amazon River. Padtec’s 800 Gbps transponder enables a record transmission capacity of 250 Gbps per optical channel in this section of the network. 

“Before this, the maximum rate achieved was 200 Gbps per optical channel. With this increase of 50 Gb/s, we brought high-capacity connectivity to more than 22,000 end customers, contributing to the digital and social inclusion of this location,” says Rubens Costa, Network Manager at Wire. “In addition to the technical expertise to develop solutions that meet the networks demands, Padtec’s technical support is an important differentiator for us. The company is always available to discuss and understand our needs and propose the most appropriate technical solution,” he adds.

“One of the technical differentials of this generation of transponders is the Coupled Mode functionality, which enables intermediate transmission rates, for example, 50, 150, and 250 Gbps, and not just in windows of 100 Gbps,” explains Roberto Nakamura, Director of Technology at Padtec. 

“For our customers, this means more flexibility and lower cost per bit for expanding the capacity of their networks,” concludes Nakamura.  “We are pleased to contribute, once again, to the advancement of connectivity in the North region of Brazil, with state-of-the-art DWDM equipment. After all, one of the great benefits of connectivity is the promotion of regional development by allowing effective integration between the different regions of the country and the world”, emphasizes Carlos Raimar Schoeninger, CEO and Investor Relations Officer at Padtec.

Cisco allows customers to defer payments till 2024

Cisco announced a program that will allow customers purchasing products or solutions before July 29, 2023, to defer all payments until 2024. All Cisco solutions are eligible for this new Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program, including hardware, software, and services, as well as select partner services and third-party hardware. To complement the initiative, the Cisco Refresh portfolio of Cisco certified remanufactured products is also eligible for the Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program, helping organizations acquire competitively priced and ready-to-ship hardware.

Cisco said payments deferred until 2024 would be based on the total amount financed and contract terms. 

“The Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program is in response to customer and partner requests to help mitigate financial challenges based on overall market uncertainty and the impact that it is having on their businesses. Our goal is to provide payment options that allow continuous technology investment to maintain productivity and business continuity while minimizing cash outlays,” said Kristine A. Snow, SVP and President, Cisco Capital. “Customer success is our priority. The new program is designed with this in mind and will help address some of our customers’ most pressing concerns.”

ANELLO brings its SiPhOG gyroscope to NVIDIA program

ANELLO Photonics, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with technology advancements.

ANELLO is focused on building low-noise and low-drift optical gyroscope smart sensors leveraging its  patented photonic integrated circuit technology. 

The ANELLO Silicon Photonic Optical Gyroscope (SiPhOG), which is the smallest optical gyroscope in the world, enables reliable and accurate navigation and positioning across many autonomous applications in GPS-denied environments. With the ANELLO SiPhOG integrated into a range of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and solutions, customers have access to a more stable, accurate and robust sensor for their autonomous applications.

"We are incredibly excited to be part of the NVIDIA Inception program," said Dr. Mario Paniccia, CEO of ANELLO Photonics. "Being part of the Inception program will enable us to not only work more closely with NVIDIA and their vast network of customers and partners but will also allow us to access very powerful tools to further improve our technology and accelerate our product development overall."