Saturday, June 11, 2022

Ericsson confirms SEC investigation

Ericsson confirmed that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has notified the company that it has opened an investigation concerning the matters described in the company’s 2019 Iraq investigation report.

Ericsson said it is too early to determine or predict the outcome of the investigation, and that it is fully cooperating with the SEC.

Ericsson's Board of Directors comments on compliance issue

At Ericsson’s 2022 Annual General Meeting, shareholders representing at least one tenth of all of the shares in Ericsson voted against discharge from liability of the Board of Directors and the President for the financial year 2021.Speaking after the general meeting, Ericsson’s Chief Executive Officer, Börje Ekholm said: “I understand the concerns raised by our shareholders and these are important matters. I want to state my commitment to continuing...

Ericsson may have bribed ISIS in Iraq

An internal investigation at Ericsson has found unusual expense claims in Iraq, dating back to 2018 with evidence of corruption-related misconduct. Regarding the situation, Ericsson issued this statement (in part):"The investigation included the conduct of Ericsson employees, vendors and suppliers in Iraq during the period 2011-2019. It found serious breaches of compliance rules and the Code of Business Ethics. It identified evidence of corruption-related...

Hyper Automation of Enterprise Networks

Enterprises really must ask themselves whether they are up for the challenge of automating workloads across their hybrid cloud environments, or whether a purpose-built automation framework could more easily optimize their operations. Jeff Gray, Co-founder and CEO of Gluware, says that for most companies it makes more sense to bring in a vendor capable of abstracting all of the disparate platforms into a cohesive layer of automation.

Filmed at #ONUGSpring2022

II‐VI signs renewable energy contracts in Asia

II‐VI has signed renewable energy contracts for powering multiple sites throughout Asia with 100% renewable electricity. These new agreements represent 35 GWh of renewable electricity per year, thereby avoiding an additional 18,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. The agreement covers II-VI sites in India, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and Japan.

The company notes that it has now entered into renewable electricity contracts for over 40 sites around the world, including over 35 sites that now cover 100% of their annual electricity usage with renewable sources.

“II-VI now purchases approximately 38% of our electricity from renewable sources,” said Tim Challingsworth, Chief Sustainability Officer. “This announcement is an important next step in fulfilling our commitment to steadily reduce our carbon footprint position around the globe.”

  • In April 2022, II-VI announced that nine of its U.S. sites will now cover 100% of their annual electricity usage with renewable sources. 
  • In January 2022, that its largest plant in China would be powered with 100% renewable electricity sources within four years.
  • In October 2021, it announced that it was powering all of its facilities in Europe with 100% renewable electricity sources.