Saturday, February 24, 2024

Mobile operators expand 6G testing

NTT DOCOMO and NTT added two new global partners to their collaborative 6G trials with the world's leading vendors and global operators: SK Telecom and Rohde & Schwarz, a manufacturer of high-frequency high-performance measurement instruments.

 The two new companies join existing collaborators Fujitsu, NEC, Nokia, Ericsson and Keysight Technologies.

As part of its technical collaboration with DOCOMO and NTT, SK Telecom will participate in trials using AI technology to tailor radio interfaces for various propagation environments, which is being conducted jointly by DOCOMO with NTT and Nokia. The trial will now be expanded to include environments closer to envisioned uses, leveraging SK Telecom’s expertise as a telecom operator and ecosystem creator, similar to DOCOMO. 

In addition, Rohde & Schwarz will use its measurement-system design technology in channel models to evaluate new wireless-sensing solutions beyond mobile communication technologies, and evaluate wireless-sensing performance using measurements and channel models in real-world environments.

Separately, DOCOMO and NTT also announced the following results of trials using new wireless communication technologies and AI: 


Keysight: 6G Architecture for sub-THz propagation measurement

A device for real-time visualization of the spatial arrival of sub-THz radio waves was successfully realized by combining an 896-element super multi-element antenna developed by NTT and a receiving signal analyzer developed by Keysight Technologies. 

Also, combining a SISO channel sounder developed mainly by DOCOMO and a signal transceiver built by Keysight Technologies enabled ultra-high-resolution observation of the temporal arrival of sub-THz signals. Using this equipment, DOCOMO and NTT have successfully conducted radio propagation experiments for ultra-broadband communications in the sub-THz band. 

Channel models with dynamic tracking capabilities in real-world environments will be further developed for the design of an efficient ultra-wideband 6G communication system.


Fujitsu: Trial of distributed MIMO at 100GHz and 300GHz

The trial successfully acquired propagation channel information equivalent to a distributed MIMO system using Fujitsu's 100GHz phased-array antenna prototype and wireless circuit.

Simulations will be performed to analyze factors such as shielding resistance and distributed MIMO characteristics.