Saturday, February 11, 2023

Mavenir intros Open RAN Intelligent Controller

Mavenir released its O-RAN alliance Radio Access Network Intelligent Controller (RIC), a next-generation network intelligence offering that enables the creation of differentiated services through open APIs.

Mavenir says its O-RIC offers Network Intelligence as a Service (NIaaS), providing deep, fine-grained insights about the network and enabling new class-of-service revenue streams by adaptively reacting in near-real time to dynamic changes in network, traffic, and load patterns. 

Mavenir’s O-RIC surpasses the capabilities of SON with two control loops:

  • Non-RT O-RIC — Typically deployed in a centralized cloud, it builds advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms using long-term RAN data to define dynamic and adaptive policies to control and optimize network performance and configuration management decisions. Non-RT RIC can also be used in existing legacy networks, adding another performance layer through ML for policy control.
  • Near-real time (Near-RT) O-RIC — Deployed at or towards the edge, it uses a low latency control loop that optimizes RAN activity at both the cell and individual user equipment (UE) level by hosting trained Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML applications to infer and control Open RAN elements in near-RT. The near-RT O-RIC intelligently optimizes UE-level control-plane call processing and user-plane data transfer decisions. This level of granularity is not available in SON.

The company confirmed that its O-RIC is currently in deployment with two, tier one Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

"Creating real business value for next-generation Open RAN networks requires deep telco domain expertise and a disruptive approach to network intelligence," said Brandon Larson, SVP & GM of the Multimedia Business Unit at Mavenir. "As a pioneer in cloud-native solutions at a massive scale, Mavenir is leading the way with award-winning Open vRAN solutions, layered with O-RIC AI and ML algorithms and applications, which create operator customizable business outcomes based on target objectives to solve unique business problems and give control of the network back to the CSP."