Wednesday, January 11, 2023

2023 Telco Cloud and Edge Mini Site

 CSPs are under pressure to determine which parts of their infrastructure are core, whom to partner with, when and where to use public clouds, and how much to extend their infrastructure to the edge and into customer premises. 

Converge! Network Digest and AvidThink are pleased to present a mini-website featuring short video episodes with leading cloud operators, network equipment vendors, and other key stakeholders in the multi-year, multi-technology effort to cloudify and automate telco infrastructure. 

You are welcome to peruse our growing catalogue of videos and download our free 10-page report covering the big-picture strategies of the major players. Perhaps you will want to contribute ideas of your own.

Windstream offers full fiber path view of wavelength circuits

Windstream Wholesale has launched a new capability that provides customers with a full fiber path view of their wavelength circuits using KMZ files through a customer portal.

The newly available view is made possible by specialized Windstream mapping software using network data and customer segment identification. Customers equipped with a compatible mapping application, such as Google Earth, can download KMZs on demand, saving valuable time.

Windstream’s Intelligent Converged Optical Network (ICON) provides open and disaggregated networking infrastructure, enabling wholesale and enterprise technology customers to select unique custom routes, maintain operational insights with Windstream’s Network Intelligence functions, and place their networks closer to the edge to better serve end-users.

The announcement is the latest in an ongoing series of enhancements that Windstream Wholesale is making to give customers real-time access to network intelligence and health data. In October, the company launched its iconnect customer portal offering multi-layer network data and self-service tools.

“Windstream Wholesale’s KMZ-based fiber view enhances customers’ awareness of our network performance by showing exactly what route their waves take between each segment along the full path,” said Joe Scattareggia, chief revenue officer for Windstream Wholesale. “Network diversity is vital for our customers and partners who require large amounts of bandwidth for mission-critical functions, and this new view allows for a more accurate, in-depth diversity analysis against other wave circuits.”

“Windstream Wholesale is committed to making network health information transparent to our customers,” Scattareggia said. “We’ll have even more enhancements to announce in the coming months, including additional network health map visualizations, so stay tuned.”

Cignal AI: Data center optical component revenue up 14% in 3Q22

Datacom optical component revenue recovered from two quarters of declines to post solid gains in Q3, led by 400GbE optical modules. Innolight and Coherent (formerly II-VI) drove growth with their expanded shipments into hyperscale applications, according to the most recent Optical Components Report from research firm Cignal AI. Lumentum remains the leading Telecom component supplier in this segment, in which overall revenue grew 6% YoY.

“400Gbps was the success story both inside and outside of the datacenter this quarter, as 400GbE datacenter optics shipments recovered from a weak Q3 and 400ZR/ZR+ drove telecom bandwidth growth for DCI applications,” said Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst for Optical Components at Cignal AI. “Looking forward to upcoming Q4 results and into 2023, telecom component demand will continue its recovery, while near-term growth of datacom optics will soften as inventory is absorbed.”

More Key Findings from the 3Q22 Optical Component Report:

  • 400GbE optical module shipments returned to high growth levels this quarter and were up +50% YoY, but lower demand from hyperscale operators resulted in forecast cuts.
  • After a drop due to a slowdown in orders at Amazon, 400GbE-DR returned to almost half of total 400G unit shipments in 3Q22.
  • The growth of Gen60C coherent modules (400ZR/ZR+ & variants) slowed as inventory was absorbed at major customers. Specifically, CFP2 versions grew sharply as traditional telco vendors ramped sales.
  • 100Gbps and 200Gbps (Gen30) coherent module shipments dropped dramatically in the quarter, mostly due to declines in sales by Chinese vendors.
  • Coherent was the primary beneficiary of Consumer 3D sensing revenue gains, claiming 2/3rd of sales in the segment.

EU allocates €150 million for 5G and backbone projects

The EU will provide nearly €150 million in financial support to 38 projects to deploy safe, secure and sustainable high-performance 5G and digital backbone infrastructure.

The projects have been selected among those submitted under calls for proposals under CEF Digital, the funding programme supporting European digital infrastructure.

Under the first Call for Proposals for the digital strand of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF Digital), which closed for applications on 20 April 2022, 38 projects have been selected, of the 60 proposals submitted, for a total EU grant support of nearly €150 million.

The projects range from deployment of 5G infrastructure for local communities and along major European transport corridors, deployment of submarine cables within and to the EU, to cloud infrastructure interconnections. 

Projects include:

OIF to present at DesignCon 2023 in Santa Clara

At the DesignCon 2023, scheduled for Jan 31 – Feb 2 in Santa Clara, California, speakers from OIF will present on-going to address electrical interfaces optimized for new electrical and optical architecture aspirations, including 224 Gbps and the co-packaging of optical and electrical interfaces with ASICs.

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023: 4:45-6:00 pm PT 

Enabling Next Generation Co-Packaging Solutions 

Moderator: Jeff Hutchins, OIF Physical & Link Layer (PLL) Working Group Co-Packaging Vice Chair and Board Member, Ranovus

Panelists include Jeff Hutchins; Kenneth Jackson, Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, USA; Yi Tang, Cisco; Nathan Tracy, OIF Market Awareness & Education Committee Co-Chair, PLL, TE Connectivity; and Richard Ward, Astera Labs

OIF experts will summarize OIF’s work on studying the various co-packaging applications, the technical tradeoffs and choices between different approaches, OIF’s projects, and future co-packaging trends. The panel will also cover OIF’s work to create standards (interoperability agreements) that foster the development of a co-packaging ecosystem.

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023: 4:00 pm-5:15 pm PT 

Enabling Next Generation Architectures: 224 Gbps Electrical Interfaces 

Moderator: Nathan Tracy, OIF MA&E Committee Co-Chair PLL, TE Connectivity

Panelists include; John Calvin, Keysight; Mike Klempa, OIF PLL Interoperability Working Group Chair, Alphawave IP Group; Mike Li, OIF Board Member, Intel; Cathy Liu, OIF President, Broadcom Inc.

This session will include lessons learned from 112 Gbps and how those lessons are being leveraged for the new 224 Gbps work in OIF. Experts will also discuss the challenges OIF must overcome to enable 224 Gbps electrical I/O interface solutions where reach, performance, power, and cost optimizations become paramount. These solutions are critical to keep the industry moving forward with the next generation of interoperable electrical I/O interface specifications that address the escalating network power consumption trends.

What’s next at OCP in 2023?

From immersion cooling, to optical switching, and disaggregated systems there are a lot of new technologies arriving at the Open Compute Project Project.  Which ones will be in the limelight in 2023?

Here are 3 predictions from OCP’s Cliff Grossner .

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SES Secures €300M Financing from European Investment Bank

SES has secured €300 million in financing from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the financing institution of the European Union

The seven-year term loan will back investments related to the design, procurement and launch of three previously announced satellites that will deliver advanced broadcast and broadband services spanning Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The loan is the largest amount ever provided by the EIB to a Luxembourg-based company.

The project supported via EIB financing includes the procurement of three satellites from Thales Alenia Space to deliver video broadcasting as well as network services. 

Operating from SES’s prime TV neighbourhood of 19.2 degrees East (ASTRA 1P, ASTRA 1Q) and 57 degrees East (SES-26) will enable SES to strengthen its world-class satellite broadcast over Europe and Africa, and support dynamic connectivity needs for companies and governments from the heart of Europe across Africa and the Middle East. 

Two of the three satellites are next-generation, flexible and fully software-defined satellites that will enable service reconfiguration and instant in-orbit adjustment to SES customers’ demands. All three satellites, when launched in 2024, will be operated from SES’s headquarters in Luxembourg.

EIB Vice-President Kris Peeters said: “Space technology, data and services have become indispensable in the lives of Europeans. I am therefore very enthusiastic about this agreement with SES, which directly supports the EU space policy. It is a big step in the successful launch of a new generation of satellites able to deliver advanced broadcast and broadband services for the benefit of both the private and public sectors in Western Europe and beyond. Space is a key driver of innovation in Europe and we are eager to support space entrepreneurship. The size of the loan, the largest ever provided by the EIB to a Luxembourgish company, also demonstrates how strategically important the space sector is for the EIB and the European Union.”

Samsung releases PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD with 5nm controller

Samsung Electronics released a series of high-performance PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs powered by a new controller based on Samsung’s 5-nanometer (nm) process and seventh-generation V-NAND technology.

Samsung’s PM9C1a boasts a 1.6x faster sequential read speed and a 1.8x faster sequential write speed than its previous storage offering (PM9B1), reaching 6,000 megabytes per second (MB/s) and 5,600MB/s, respectively. Additionally, random read and write speeds can support up to 900K input/output operations per second (IOPS) and 1,000K IOPS, respectively.

The PM9C1a also offers up to 70% more power efficiency per watt than its predecessor. This means the new SSD can handle the same amount of tasks using significantly less power. Furthermore, when a notebook PC goes into standby mode, the SSD will use approximately 10% less power.

“Our new PM9C1a SSD will deliver a robust combination of superior performance, greater power efficiency and increased security, which are the qualities that matter most to PC users,” said Yong Ho Song, Executive Vice President of Memory Solution Product & Development at Samsung Electronics. “We are committed to creating storage that satisfies the diverse and changing market requirements, as we continue to advance innovation in the PC SSD space.”

Samsung’s PM9C1a SSDs will be available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage capacities in a M.2 form factor (22mm x 30mm, 22mm x 42mm, 22mm x 80mm).

Coherent intros 905 nm triple-junction lasers for LiDAR

Coherent Corp. introduced 905 nm triple-junction edge-emitting semiconductor lasers for light detection and ranging (LiDAR) in industrial applications.

The new 905 nm semiconductor lasers can emit up to 100 W of optical power in nanosecond pulses. hey enable direct time-of-flight LiDAR systems in a wide variety of mission-critical robots exposed to challenging environments. Applications include warehouse logistics, consumer appliances, last-mile delivery, crop harvesting, land surveying, and safe The lasers are qualified to the stringent JEDEC JESD22-A10x standard for industrial applications.

“What customers appreciate is that we will be able to achieve significant economies of scale by migrating manufacturing of this new laser diode platform to our existing 6-inch gallium arsenide platform,” said Dr. Karlheinz Gulden, Senior VP, Laser Components & Subsystems Business Unit. “It is the only technology platform of its kind to have pushed the frontiers of both manufacturing scale and field reliability, underpinning semiconductor lasers for high-volume consumer electronics and industrial devices, as well as for optical communications equipment deployed undersea.”

NTT joins U.S. government's Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

 NTT Corporation (NTT) has joined the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC), an initiative established by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in 2021 to further strengthen the U.S. government focus on cybersecurity and boost resilience internationally.

JCDC focuses on cyber defense planning, cybersecurity information fusion, and dissemination of cyber defense guidance to reduce risk to critical infrastructure and National Critical Functions. The collaboration between NTT and the JCDC allows NTT to harness its collective global expertise and resources, which will help better protect critical information networks and enable the member organizations to respond more effectively to cyber incidents. Likewise, NTT will benefit from information received from other JCDC members.

“Based on our existing collaborative and trusted relationship with CISA and the U.S. government, we are honored to join the JCDC bringing a unique perspective from Asia and sharing NTT's global experience and deep expertise in leadership and security," said Akira Shimada, NTT's President & CEO. "While the global cybersecurity environment will remain uncertain for the foreseeable future, collaboration among cybersecurity industry leaders and government leaders is needed not only in the U.S. but also internationally to protect against cyberattacks that threaten the critical infrastructure systems upon which our daily lives depend.”