Wednesday, March 9, 2022

MaxLinear, MACOM and II-VI eye 800G modules

MaxLinear, MACOM and II-VI, demonstrated 100G/lane multi-mode links targeted for 800G optical modules. These links incorporate the MaxLinear Keystone 5nm 800G DSP, MACOM 100G/lane TIAs and VCSEL drivers and II-VI latest 850nm VCSELs and photodetectors.

MaxLinear's Keystone family of 5nm PAM4 DSPs includes 400G and 800G variants with and without integrated laser drivers. This demonstration uses the 800G DSP, in conjunction with the MACOM four-channel VCSEL drivers (MALD-39435) and four-channel TIAs (MATA-39434), along with II-VI VCSELs and photodiodes.

"We are excited to demonstrate the use of our Keystone 800G DSP for multi-mode links," said Drew Guckenberger, Vice President of Optical Interconnect at MaxLinear. "The market demand for 100G/lane multi-mode solutions is projected to exceed one million units by 2024, and we're demonstrating the ability to provide solutions now for customers in this market."

"The combined MACOM and MaxLinear IC solutions for 8x100G multi-mode links can provide the ability for customers to achieve 800G QSFP-DD and OSFP optical modules at a total power consumption under 11 Watts," said Marek Tlalka, Senior Director of Product Marketing at MACOM. "This is a significant reduction over single-mode solutions for these power-sensitive data center applications."

"Today, we are demonstrating the high-performance capability of our latest short-reach optical components and how we exceed the challenging performance requirements of next-generation 100G/lane short-reach optical links," said Vipul Bhatt, Vice President of Marketing, Datacom Vertical, at II-VI. "Demonstrating interoperability with products by MaxLinear and MACOM shows our commitment to serve the market at all levels of the value chain."

Broadcom shows 100G/lane optical PAM-4 DSP PHY

Broadcom demonstrated its 100G/lane optical PAM-4 DSP PHY with integrated transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and high-swing laser driver optimized for 400G DR4/FR4 module applications. 

The new DSP PHY, which leverages Broadcom’s 112G PAM-4 DSP platform, enables sub-7W 400G DR4/FR4 modules to drive the industry transition to energy-efficient 400G Ethernet.

Broadcom said that compared to industry benchmark results in the 9W range, this demonstration is a significant breakthrough in the module power reduction that delivers the lowest pJ/bit for DR4/FR4 modules available and drives the overall system power down to unprecedented levels for hyperscale data center and cloud providers.

“Broadcom continues to innovate and drive the next generation of PAM-4 DSP integration to satisfy the unrelenting quest for lower power with the introduction of the BCM87412 that will enable the industry leading 100G based modules,” said Vijay Janapaty, vice president and general manager of the Physical Layer Products Division at Broadcom.

Broadcom samples 100G/lane Optical PAM-4 DSP PHYs

Broadcom announced its 100G/lane optical PAM-4 DSP PHY families with integrated transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and laser driver, the Jesko BCM8741x and Gemera BCM8781x, optimized for 400G DR4/FR4 and 800G DR8/2xFR4 module applications, respectively. The new, highly integrated PHYs, which are built on Broadcom’s proven 112G PAM-4 DSP platforms, can be used to power 7W 400G DR4/FR4 and sub 14W 800G DR8/2xFR4 optical modules.Highlights400G and...

MACOM intros 128GBaud for coherent applications

MACOM announced availability of its 128 GBaud Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIAs) and Modulator Drivers for coherent optical networking applications. The products support long-haul, metropolitan and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) optical module applications.

MACOM’s new dual-channel TIA MATA-012803, quad-channel TIA MATA-012403 and quad-channel driver MAOM-012408 offer high bandwidth, low noise and low power consumption. 

These devices enable Integrated Coherent Receivers (ICRs), High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulators (HB-CDMs) and Integrated Coherent Transmit-Receive Optical Sub-Assemblies (ICTROSAs) operating from 800 Gbps up to1.6 Tbps in Telecom and DCI applications.

MACOM said its linear TIAs feature excellent noise performance, greater than 30dB of dynamic range, and more than 80 GHz of bandwidth. The modulator driver can deliver high gain with digitally controllable peaking response and linear output voltage compatible with leading-edge Mach Zehnder (MZ) optical modulators.

Credo intros 800G gearbox and 16T retimer

Credo Technology Group introduced its new Sparrow 800G gearbox and Heron 1.6T retimer/gearbox devices.

The new Sparrow and Heron devices are built around Credo’s core low-power, high-performance DSP technology to offer improved line card functionality. The devices deliver the increased bandwidth, improved power, and cost efficiency required to support the large, growing data infrastructure market.

“Credo’s core value in developing products is to deliver high-speed connectivity solutions with improved power and cost efficiency,” said Scott Feller, Vice President of Marketing at Credo. “The new Sparrow 800G gearbox and Heron 1.6T retimer/gearbox were designed to allow our customers to upgrade their bandwidth capability as the rate of data generation continues to dramatically increase. These devices are excellent solutions for our hyperscale data center and telecom service provider customers.”

Sparrow 800G Gearbox Key Features

  • Industry leading low power 112G to 56G gearbox functionality
  • Support for 8x112G to 16x56G configuration
  • Futureproof design for 25.6T and 51.2T switches designed for 400G front panel connections

Heron MR 1.6T Retimer/Gearbox Key Features

  • Low-power 112G per lane retimer with 800G and 1.6T retimer configurations
  • Supports Active Optical Cabling (AOC), Active Electrical Cabling (AEC), pluggable optics and Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cabling
  • Enables 30dB medium reach (MR) for chip-to-chip and midplane applications.

Credo provides SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) drivers for these devices to support seamless integration with SONiC, FBOSS and other Hyperscale operating systems.

FIT demos QSFP-DD800 Connector / DAC

Foxconn Interconnect Technology showcased its QSFP-DD800 interconnection with Broadcom's low power Active Copper Cable (ACC) PHY and MultiLane’s ML4039EN BERT at this week's OFC in San Diego.

“We are honored to cooperate with Broadcom / MultiLane to show our interconnect solution, and demonstrate its execution of 5GAIoT strategy,” said Mr. Joseph Wang, CTO of FIT Hon Teng. "Last year, we established a few new pillars of corporate priorities, and building the future of 5GAIoT is one of them."

“Our goal is to always be early to build innovative products and solutions in close collaboration with our partners, like Broadcom and FIT, that enable our customers to keep up with the bandwidth and performance requirements of today’s technological breakthroughs,” said Elias Khoury, Product Line Manager at MultiLane.

FiberLight upgrades with Fujitsu's 1FINITY

FiberLight, which operates more than 17,000 miles of fiber networks in more than 30 U.S. metropolitan areas, has again selected the modular Fujitsu 1FINITY platform to enhance their high-bandwidth fiber network. 

Upgrades include deployment of 1FINITY T700 transport blades and L130/ L140 ROADM blades to empower improved performance, efficiency and speeds up to 400G.

Fujitsu said the installation enables FiberLight to deliver high-capacity 400 GbE services over their existing fiber network serving both major and rural markets throughout Texas.  The latest 1FINITY innovation, the T700 transport blade enables flexible, cost-effective C-Band and L-Band optical connections to be deployed across new or existing regional and metro networks. With sophisticated modulation techniques and variable Forward Error Correction (FEC), the T700 blade delivers exceptional balance of reach and capacity, extending the life of legacy infrastructure with 200, 300 and 400 Gbps line rates and up to 1.6 Tbps capacity per blade. FiberLight is the first network operator in the U.S. to deploy the T700 transport blade in combination with the L130/ L140 Colorless-Directionless-Contentionless (CDC) ROADM solution.

“We continue to invest in one-of-a-kind fiber networks that ignite digital transformation and meet our customers’ growing network demands,” said Jay Anderson, CTO-chief engineer, FiberLight. “Since 2019, FiberLight has relied on the Fujitsu 1FINITY platform to support the speed, performance, and agility of our next-generation transport network. Coupled with our extensive fiber assets, we are enabling exceedingly fast and competitively priced network connectivity services.”

“Working closely with FiberLight, Fujitsu created an upgrade solution that meets the speed and scalability needs of their customers as efficiently as possible,” said Annie Bogue, head of sales and marketing at Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. “With the 1FINITY T700, FiberLight will have industry-leading performance in a modular platform that easily integrates with their existing infrastructure, providing future-proof evolution.”

Source Photonics launches PON portfolio

Source Photonics announced commercial release of its full Passive Optical Network (PON) Product Portfolio for OLT and ONUs. 

The PON products use the company's in-house vertically integrated optical chips and optics assembly. 

The XGSPON OLT E2 and Combo OLT Class D transceiver solutions incorporate the in-house developed EA-DFB Laser monolithically integrated with SOA supporting a link budget for up to 40km reach.

Source Photonics notes that it has successfully developed 10G ONU optical modules and 10G BOB series based on its own 2.5G/10G 1270nm DFB and 10G APD chips. 

On OLT side, Source Photonics developed 10GEPON OLT, XGSPON OLT and XG(S)PON Combo OLT optical module based on its internal designed 10G 1577 EML chips and all above products have entered mass production.

Lumentum and Ayar Labs target external light sources for CPO

Lumentum and Ayar Labs announced a strategic collaboration agreement to deliver CW-WDM MSA compliant external laser sources in high volume. 

“Co-packaged optics to replace traditional copper interconnects is a massive new market opportunity broadly recognized by the industry and one that Lumentum is well-positioned to address with our proven laser technologies and manufacturing scale,” said Walter Jankovic, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Datacom at Lumentum. “Ayar Labs is a leader in the development and commercialization of this market opportunity, and we believe that working together, we can accelerate this technology transition for the benefit of all.”

“Since our founding, Ayar defined optical I/O as the disruptive transition from copper and electrons to fiber optics and photons for short-reach data communication,” said Charles Wuischpard, Chief Executive Officer at Ayar Labs. “Ayar Labs’ patented silicon photonics technology and new industry standards like the CW-WDM MSA are critical to this transition, as is the development of the manufacturing, supply chain and packaging ecosystem to cost-effectively deliver the solution at scale in the millions of units. Lumentum is one of the largest and most efficient laser manufacturers in the world, and will provide the proven capability to address the volume, quality, and reliability requirements of our optical I/O solution.”

Last year, Ayar Labs demonstrated its 64-wavelength WDM optical source running at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. 

Ayar Labs also notes its strategic collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for next-generation data center architectures and networking with optical I/O, along with related news from GlobalFoundries.

Orange Business Services and Fortinet partner on SASE

Orange Business Services and Fortinet are partnering to deliver a disruptive approach to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by integrating Fortinet’s Security-driven Networking technologies into the Orange telco cloud infrastructure. 

This next chapter in the Orange-Fortinet partnership, which has also yielded Flexible SD-WAN based on Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, provides the foundation for cloud-native transformations at scale for improved business agility and resilience. The result is a fully controlled end-to-end globally available SASE solution that bridges the gap between the user and the application. It delivers a secure and managed service from the Orange telco cloud infrastructure, boosted by cybersecurity expertise and capabilities with Orange Cyberdefense.

“Digital acceleration and the shift to support ‘work from anywhere’ is driving the hybrid convergence of networking and security to enable zero trust across all edges. Expanding upon our longstanding relationship with Orange, we’re pleased to further integrate our Security-driven Networking technology into the Orange infrastructure to enable a converged networking and security solution, unmatched in terms of visibility, management capabilities, resilience, and user experience,” explains John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO, Fortinet.

“This innovative partnership is a continuation of our cloud-focused network evolution. By integrating Fortinet Security-driven Networking technologies into the Orange telco cloud infrastructure, we enable our customers to easily adopt a cloud-native environment that is increasingly critical for businesses globally. At Orange Business Services, we facilitate the deployment and take-up of technologies that drive innovation and business growth for our customers in a fast and secure way,” says Anne-Marie Thiollet, EVP, Global Solutions, Orange Business Services.

SpaceX completes 7th Starlink launch of 2022

On Wednesday, March 9 SpaceX launched 48 Starlink satellites to low Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

This was the fourth launch and landing of this Falcon 9 first stage booster, which previously launched Arabsat-6A, STP-2, and COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation FM2.

It was the 10th SpaceX launch and the 7th Starlink mission of 2022.

Windstream Wholesale completes 1000 km 400G ZR+ field trials

Windstream Wholesale completed 1000 km 400G field trials leveraging pluggable modules from II-VI with QSFP-DD-DCO optics that achieve a high transmit power of 0dBm. The trials demonstrated unprecedented performance with strong working margins over a production network route and traversing up to 24 ROADMs in a lab environment.

During the field trial, Windstream Wholesale closed established a 400G link on a 1,000+ kilometer link between Phoenix and Los Angeles using the 0dBm ZR+ qualification units from II-VI with a strong residual margin k, validating suitability for production use. Notably, this performance was achieved with less than 20 watts of power consumption for each module.

“II-VI’s high transmit power 0dBm 400G QSFP-DD DCO transceivers enable Windstream to deploy greatly simplified network architectures, by optically connecting routers directly to access, metro, and regional transport networks without additional intermediary interfaces, eliminating an entire layer of optical equipment,” said Buddy Bayer, chief network officer at Windstream. “This revolution in IP-over-DWDM network architecture achieves significant savings in upfront costs and ongoing expenses, affording Windstream a highly competitive operational model.”

“Our partnership with Windstream on the joint development of the 0dBm 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceivers has allowed II-VI to accelerate the technology development, as proven by the recent success in the field trials,” said Matthias Berger, vice president, coherent technology, II-VI Incorporated. “Demonstrating inter-operability, low power dissipation and native 0dBm output is a ‘triple-play’ of features that will enable IP-over-DWDM for ROADM based networks.”

II-VI ships 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceivers to Windstream Wholesale

II‐VI confirmed shipment of its 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceiversto Windstream Wholesale for field qualification.II-VI’s 400G transceivers leverage digital coherent optics and offer optical output power of 0 dBm. The transceivers can plug directly into QSFP-DD transceiver slots on IP routers. II-VI said Windstream can leverage this technology to optically connect routers directly to access, metro, and regional DWDM transport networks without...

Windstream and II-VI to develop 400G QSFP-DD pluggables

Windstream Wholesale is working with II-VI to co-develop next-generation, 400G transceivers. The companies said their joint work will:Deliver the world’s first high-performance 0 dBm, 400G QSFP-DD coherent pluggable module—making these transceivers compatible with existing and emerging modern ROADM based photonic layers supporting multi-service, multi-layer architectures;Significantly increase 400G transceiver density by drastically reducing the...