Saturday, December 22, 2018

Italy's IRIDEOS announces 400G super-channels based on Infinera

IRIDEOS, an Italian infrastructure provider with 12 data centers and 30,000 km of optic fiber deployed along motorways, announced the ability to support connections up to 400 Gbps following an upgrade to its transport network.

The IRIDEOS network is based on ultra-low latency, direct optical paths ensuring high performance, and on an ASON architecture and GMPLS protocols for dynamic protection of services.

IRIDEOS said the use of integrated super-channels allows very high-capacity transport that, according to the connections, for example between Milan and Rome, support up to 400 Gigabits. The

“Leveraging the latest-generation technologies provided by Infinera, we now offer a diversified and protected network for high-speed data transfer and are ready to support the most innovative services requiring high-bandwidth capacity like high resolution video, real-time transmission, IoT, and augmented reality,” said Sandro Falleni, Head of Technologies and Systems of IRIDEOS. “The Infinera mTera platform, featuring an SDN-ready architecture, enables our network to deliver dynamically protected data transfer services over multiple paths with more flexibility in routing capacity.” 

IRIDEOS is 78.3% owned by F2i, the largest Italian infrastructure fund, and 19.6% by Marguerite, the infrastructural fund created by six European public financial institutions and the European Commission.