Thursday, April 4, 2024

#OFC24: Transforming Cloud Interconnects with 800ZR/ZR+

At #OFC24, Lumentum announced significant performance enhancements to its 800ZR+ transceivers, enabling 800ZR+ modules to serve a wider range of applications, including expanded use in metro and regional networks through the ability to interface directly into routers. Additionally, the enhanced performance modes now make 400ZR+ and 600ZR+ operation suitable for true long-haul applications, with OSNR and dispersion tolerance enabling reaches exceeding 2000 km at 400 Gbps.  Marc Stiller, VP of Product Line Management from Lumentum, provides an in-depth explanation:

- Lumentum's newest modules, the 800G ZR+ and 400G high-power ZR+ modules, capable of running over a 400 km optical line system. These modules can plug into various routers and transmit over 2,000 km.

- He demonstrates a live traffic run at 800G, showcasing the simultaneous operation of two 800G channels and three 400G channels through an amplified 400 km length.

- Impressive results of the modules' performance, highlighting their ability to operate over 6,800 Pico seconds per nanometer of dispersion in the fiber 400 km, and their low error rates, indicating the potential for further extension of the links.

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