Sunday, July 7, 2024

Orange Business launches SD-WAN Essentials

 Orange Business enriches its SD-WAN portfolio by launching SD-WAN Essentials solution designed to leverage connectivity as a springboard to the cloud.

With SD-WAN Essentials, Orange Business supports businesses in gradually migrating their services to the Internet. This modernization is achievable through the simple addition of the SD-WAN Essentials option, natively compatible with their Flexible Internet access. The One Box approach provides the core benefits of SD-WAN services on a single router, ensuring security. The solution offers businesses unified, real-time visibility of their Internet access through a single portal, increased control with application performance indicators, and the ability to allocate bandwidth based on usage and prioritize critical application flows.

SD-WAN Essentials is designed to simplify deployment, reduce the number of necessary devices, and lower energy consumption, providing a significant advantage to companies aligning their digital infrastructure modernization with their CSR approach.

Key Points:

• Enhanced Offerings: Orange Business launches SD-WAN Essentials to improve cloud connectivity.

• Modernization Support: Helps companies migrate services to the Internet with ease and security.

• Simplified Deployment: Reduces equipment needs and energy consumption, aiding CSR goals.

• Customer Success: Frans Bonhomme leverages SD-WAN Essentials for seamless connectivity across 370 locations.

Ekinops is supporting the launch.